Mike Rakowski- ALSO Deutschland

After thoroughly evaluating various providers, the security professionals at ALSO chose the NoSpamProxy suite from Net at Work. ALSO’s demanding requirements and their IT team’s special expertise set the bar especially high for the new e-mail security solution. After the internal roll-out, the product continued to impress thanks to its trouble-free and efficient usage. It was on this basis that ALSO and Net at Work negotiated a distribution agreement. ALSO markets the e-mail security solution via its channels and sees very good market opportunities for NoSpamProxy following the smooth introduction.

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NoSpamProxy sowohl funktional und technisch als auch als partnerschaftlicher Anbieter

NoSpamProxy has been crowned as champion of the Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2017 (PUR-S 2017) by the analyst firm techconsult. We thus beat out all other relevant e-mail security providers. The independent and vendor-neutral evaluation is based on comprehensive feedback from specific customers and users.

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Icon update rot

On 13th June Version 11 has been released to the public. The new Disclaimer option is the key feature of this version. For the past IT departments had to provide some solutions installed directly on the Mailserver to provide a company wide footer or text signature in mails. This is no longer an issue. With NoSpamProxy you can do this on the central Gateway without the need to add something to your Mailserver.

Of course there has been a lot of improvements to existing features, too. The direct update is supported from 10.x on and will keep all your settings.

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Icon Makefg

Since version 10 the full integration of NoSpamProxy in Office 365 is possible. This article describes the configuration steps required in both NoSpamProxy configuration and Office 365.

An article at Microsoft is worth mentioning in this context that no other SMTP hosts are allowed between an on-premises Exchange CAS or Exchange Edge Transport Server and Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Since NoSpamProxy always works before the complete Exchange infrastructure, this hint can be ignored.

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Björn Steineke

Tec Networks has focused on Microsoft-based products and is benefiting from the rapidly growing market for changing from on-premise IT to cloud-based hosted / managed services. In addition to offering NoSpamProxy as a managed service, Tec Networks’ portfolio includes Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure offers.

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