NoSpamProxy Update

We strongly recommend that all customers currently using version 13.2.20349.1331 update to the currently available Fast Channel version 13.2.21069.1155. This update fixes a bug that can have a negative effect on the stability of the system under certain circumstances. As usual, you can find all the necessary information about the update in our release notes: […]

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Since 12 March 2021, we have been aware of problems sending emails to United Internet services. This includes both and GMX. These problems result in the connection being refused by the server there and it is therefore no longer possible to send emails to these services. This is the equivalent of a temporary rejection, […]

NoSpamProxy Update

On February 24, 2021, GlobalSign will have to withdraw some intermediary GlobalSign certificates for compliance reasons. This affects, among others, all “PersonalSign certificates” issued before November 12, 2020 and expiring after February 24, 2021. The affected customers have already been informed about this process by GlobalSign via email. NoSpamProxy customers who obtain their S/MIME certificates from a GlobalSign EPKI must exchange the affected certificates by February 17.

NoSpamProxy Update

Certain software versions will no longer be supported in the future version 14 of the NoSpamProxy. To avoid problems when updating from version 13.2 to version 14, you should check your infrastructure early and update software that is no longer supported. The following discontinuations do not affect version 13.2 but only version 14.

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Due to a technical failure the website is currently not available. Accordingly, acquired certificates cannot currently be redeemed. SwissSign AG strives to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Sicherheitslücke in iOS-App Mail: Was Sie jetzt tun sollten

Currently, due to a security vulnerability, criminals are apparently able to smuggle malicious code into iPhones and iPads via emails. Affected are iOS devices on whichenen the software is installed in version 13.4.1 or a previous version up to version 6 . The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) assesses the vulnerability as very critical […]

Verstärkung des NoSpamProxy Support-Teams

The persistently high demand and the third award as champion in the PURS study of TechConsult clearly show the high quality and popularity of NoSpamProxy. An important cornerstone is the excellent manufacturer support.

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In March, Microsoft will suppress insecure connection requests to Windows domain controllers. This change was announced in August. NoSpamProxy customers can sit back and relax because they only have to check the Active Directory synchronization of NoSpamProxy – in case this hasn’t already been done. If necessary, firewall ports will have to be adjusted.

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