• The NoSpamProxy Team

    NoSpamProxy Team

How it all began …

A diploma thesis heading for CeBIT

The story of NoSpamProxy begins in 2004. As part of his diploma thesis, student trainee Henning Krause develops an SMTP proxy for targeted defense against spam emails under the name Spam Defender 3000, based on an idea by Frank Carius. As the project becomes more complex and successful, the desire for a permanent and meaningful name grows. The choice falls on NoSpamProxy.

Initially, NoSpamProxy is only used to protect Net at Work’s email server. However, NoSpamProxy soon attracts the interest of many Net at Work customers who want to better protect their IT infrastructure against spam and malware. Accompanied by Stefan Cink – then a systems engineer at Net at Work – the first NoSpamProxy installations are put into operation at customers’ premises shortly afterwards. The student project work thus becomes an enterprise-level security product, including a presentation at CeBIT in Hanover.

A strong team spirit to keep customers satisfied

Today, Henning is Head of Development for NoSpamProxy while Stefan has overall responsibility as Business Unit Manager. Although the NoSpamProxy team has since grown into a professional, high-performance team, the start-up mentality is still very much alive: modern working practices, true agility and a team that gives 100% every day. No wonder that many customers have remained loyal to us since our beginning.

These days NoSpamProxy stands for reliable protection against spam, malware and ransomware, legally compliant email encryption, easy sending of large files and central management of email disclaimers. To ensure that this remains true, our team works every day to make NoSpamProxy even better.

Award-winning solutions brought to the cloud

In 2024, NoSpamProxy was voted champion in the Professional User Rating for email security solutions for the seventh time in a row and impressed users particularly in the categories of performance, range of functions and usability. The competent German and English language support was also honored.

With NoSpamProxy Cloud we now also offer a cloud-based, highly available platform. This means that the product portfolio now consisting of NoSpamProxy Server and NoSpamProxy Cloud is able to cover all application scenarios for email communication.

  • Employees

    Over 140
    (Net at Work GmbH)

  • Offices

    Paderborn, Berlin

  • Customers

    More than 6,000

  • Six-time Champion Email Security

    Independent user survey by techconsult

The NoSpamProxy Team

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