Net at Work and D-TRUST join forces for secure communication with public institutions An increasing amount of electronic communication from public institutions makes stronger protection against access by unauthorised third parties necessary. The Sicherer Bürgerdialog initiative shows that effective email encryption does not have to be complicated or expensive. Together with D-TRUST, a company of […]

6 Mail Attacken 2020

Our security experts provide you with a forecast of the most important malware trends and attack methods on email communications in 2021. With a special focus on the German-speaking region and its specific circumstances, we regularly evaluate extensive data sources and continuously analyze the current threat situation.

Ein Jahr Heimdall und das ist erst der Anfang Preview

At the turn of the year 2019/2020, the time had come: Heimdall began to send assessments of emails to the participants of the Heimdall beta. Over the course of 2020, the repertoire of detections grew significantly. In this article, we will look back at a number of developments and show how Heimdall became increasingly active, especially in the second half of 2020.

Emotet stirbt den Emotod

In a joint operation, law enforcement agencies from Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, France, as well as England, Canada and the United States have smashed the infrastructure of the Emotet malware. Emotet was previously considered the most dangerous malware in the world and in the vast majority of cases was used to extort ransom from victims.

Schutz vor gefährlichen Kurz-URLs

In his analyses, Heimdall has repeatedly noticed short URL services in a particularly negative light in recent months. These URL shorteners generate an alternative, short URL that can be used on Twitter, for example. In this way, the number of characters used in a post can be reduced. The fact that the use of these services can cause problems is, of course, already due to the fact that the actual target of the URL is not recognizable – virtually an invitation to phishers and other cybercriminals.

Westfaelisches Kinderdorf

In the last two years, Net at Work GmbH has already been able to support the Westfälisches Kinderdorf with the Wish Tree campaign and fulfil one or two wishes for its residents. This year, NoSpamProxy is also doing something good and supporting the association with a free licence of the comprehensive email security software.

Champion Email Security techconsult Preview

For the fourth time in a row, users are choosing NoSpamProxy from Net at Work as champion in the Professional User Rating for Email-Security Solutions 2021. The solution scores particularly well in the categories of service and support, performance and functionality.

50 Prozent Sonderaktion Protection Preview

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