For the fifth time in a row, users have voted NoSpamProxy by Net at Work the champion in the Professional User Rating for Email Security Solutions 2022.

Malware von kompromittierten Exchange Servern Preview

A wave of email attacks is currently spreading around the world, with the attackers abusing the communication partners’ Exchange servers to send the fake emails. This article explains why this is so dangerous and what you can do now.

E-Mail-Verschlüsselung NoSpamProxy Encryption Preview

In the webcast, we show how certificate management can be mapped with the SwissSign Managed PKI and how easy the administration is.

digicert zertifikate preview

Starting with the next update for NoSpamProxy Server 13.2, DigiCert will be available as a certificate authority. Customers will be able to easily integrate their S/MIME certificates from DigiCert.

E-Mail-Verschlüsselung NoSpamProxy Encryption Preview

The high-quality certificates for NoSpamProxy Cloud will be available from November 2021. They impress with an unbeatable price and little effort.

Phishing-Mails Banken Preview

In phishing attacks, criminals repeatedly focus on bank customers in order to obtain sensitive data. Recently, there has been an increase in attacks on the customers of financial institutions. In his blog, Frank Carius takes a closer look at some of the current spam mails. He shows how to recognise the phishing emails and which banks need to catch up on the topic of email security.

BEC Business Email Compromise Preview

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a scam through which criminals repeatedly manage to tap sensitive data or trigger financial transactions. Recurring dates such as the turn of the year or global events such as the Corona pandemic serve as a template for the fraudsters to get employees to transfer money to their account or disclose data. We explain why Business Email Compromise (BEC) is so dangerous and what you can do about it.

PGP-Verschluesselung Preview

Email is and remains the most important means of communication when it comes to sensitive, confidential content such as contracts, invoices, bank data or other personal information – criminals and secret services who are after this very data know this too. Email encryption with PGP offers secure protection, but many people find it too cumbersome. We show you that email encryption with PGP is secure and simple.