NoSpamProxy setzt auf Doppelspitze im Vertrieb Preview1

Michael Neef and Alexander Seidel have joined forces to take over the sales management of Net at Work’s award-winning email security solution.

ADN nimmt NoSpamProxy ins Portfolio auf Preview

Convinced by its own use, ADN signs a distribution agreement with Net at Work for NoSpamProxy. ADN partners thus have access to a future-oriented, simple solution for email security ‘Made in Germany’.

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Microsoft is currently warning customers about a serious security vulnerability in connection with docx files. The dangerous thing about this vulnerability is the fact that simply opening the respective Word file is sufficient to execute the malicious code and enable remote code execution. An additional activation of any macros is not necessary. Read on to find out how you can protect yourself from this danger.

Rich Text File Type Evasion Tricks erfolgreich abwehren Preview

Since this week, we have been noticing a new wave of attacks with RTF documents, where spammers use various “file type evasion tricks”.

DomainKeys Identified Mail DKIM Preview

In the fifth part of our series on sender reputation, we explain how you can use DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) to ensure the authenticity of certificates and protect your email traffic from access by criminals.

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During the day, there was a disruption in email traffic to servers of 1&1 ( and GMX) due to a problem in the TLS or DANE area. We suspect it was related to 1&1’s TLS certificate expiring tomorrow. To enable delivery again, simply restart the gateway role(s) to clear the corresponding cache. IMPORTANT: NoSpamProxy Cloud […]

Wie Künstliche Intelligenz Phishing skalierbar macht Preview

With the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence, the field of IT security is facing great challenges: Like any new technology, artificial intelligence and so-called machine learning can be abused by criminals. What this means for the fight against phishing, ransomware and spam, and how you can already protect yourself against them, we explain in this blog article.

Net at Work kooperiert für NoSpamProxy mit neuem Distributor Fokus MSP 667

Fokus MSP will distribute the entire NoSpamProxy service portfolio, focusing primarily on the cloud offering as well as on system houses and other resellers offering managed services.