Vorsicht bei Phishing-Attacken mit bit.ly Links geboten_Preview

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(Fast) alle Wege führen in die Cloud Preview

The trend towards cloud-based IT services is unbroken. But not only that: entire solutions or IT infrastructures are no longerpremises but have migrated to the cloud. The field of email security is also undergoing radical change, with the result that some providers in Email Security sectorhave already announced that they will no longer offer on-premises […]

NoSpamProxy Summer School Preview

NoSpamProxy Winter School How to build up an effective security strategy! As a security expert, you have a great deal of responsibility and also have your hands full. With our Winter School we offer in entertaining special trainings with many practical examples, for the necessary knowledge. The aim of our security training courses is to […]

NoSpamProxy Update

Certain software versions will no longer be supported in the future version 14 of the NoSpamProxy. To avoid problems when updating from version 13.2 to version 14, you should check your infrastructure early and update software that is no longer supported. The following discontinuations do not affect version 13.2 but only version 14. 5 / […]

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Due to a technical failure the website swisssign.net is currently not available. Accordingly, acquired certificates cannot currently be redeemed. SwissSign AG strives to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. 5 / 5 ( 1 vote )

NoSpamProxy unterstützt Krankenhäuser und Pflegeeinrichtungen Preview

Net at Work GmbH from Paderborn, Germany, manufacturer of the modular secure mail gateway solution NoSpamProxy, expresses its special thanks to all hospitals and healthcare institutions among its customers. Net at Work Net at Work offers the institutions free software maintenance for six months and thus foregoes considerable maintenance revenues. NoSpamProxy is recognized as a […]

Emotet meldet sich zurück

After a five-month timeout, the Trojan Emotet has returned with a remarkable wave of attacks. Since the beginning of February, the malware situation had initially calmed down before numerous cyber attacks occurred last Friday, especially in the USA and Great Britain. 5 / 5 ( 1 vote )

Umsatzsteuersenkung: Besonderheiten für NoSpamProxy Lizenzgeschäft

In the course of the sales tax reduction, there are special features that also affect the NoSpamProxy license business. For continuous services, which also include the licence business, the day on which the agreed service period ends is used to determine the tax rate. In fact, this means that from 01.07. every licence key with […]