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Recently, our support has received reports that the Cyren Integration Service is detected as malware by Windows Defender on systems with the NoSpamProxy Gateway role and the NoSpamProxy WebPortal.

Please refer to the Knowledge Base article Configuration of installed on-access virus scanners and exclude all directories described there from the online scan of the locally installed virus scanners.

Sicherheitslücke PDFex

A Bochum research group today published a vulnerability in encrypted PDF files. The BSI had published a preliminary information on this subject prior to the publication. It is to be expected that users will be highly unsettled. NoSpamProxy clarifies for whom which risks actually exist and who is affected. For special safety requirements, alternatives are shown.

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S/MIME Zertifikate

Every email is vulnerable, theoretically. The path of an email through the Internet is long, even if the speed of transmission often makes you forget. Emails can be intercepted, read or even modified during transport. At least if they are sent unencrypted. The consequences can be devastating: financial damage, data loss or loss of image threaten all those who exchange unencrypted emails. In addition, unencrypted emails are already no longer compatible with data protection – also with regard to the GDPR.

One way to enable secure email communication and send information confidentially and securely is PKI-based email encryption and signature. PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure, and the most common standard for such encryption used by government agencies and companies is S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).

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Warnschild NoSpamArea

At the security fair it-sa, which takes place from 08-10 October in Nuremberg, we will show you our new version 13.1! In addition to numerous improvements, it offers optimization for SaaS operation. On this basis, we will in future offer partners whowill support the development and developmentof a managed service for ishy away from customers, own cloud service. A total of 18 new features and feature enhancements include extending the reputation filter with new checks, supporting additional file types in the content filter to increase the security of email attachments, and VIP Encrypt© that can be used to implement particularly secure content encryption in conjunction with Office 365.

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NoSpamProxy Vertriebsleiter Hardy Lange

Distribution professional Hardy Lange changes from ALSO to Net at Work and becomes sales manager for NoSpamProxy. With the commitment of Hardy Lange, we are setting the course for further growth and expansion in the European market.

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Beta Version 13.1 NoSpamProxy

The official beta phase for NoSpamProxy 13.1 started on August 28, 2019. Interested customers now have the unique opportunity to get to know the new functions before the official release.

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Visit us at it-sa 2019 from 8-10 October in Nuremberg. Find us in hall 9/9-514. For free tickets and meetings please contact our sales department or use the following form. 5 / 5 ( 1 vote )

Hand mit Pille

IT infrastructures today are regularly exposed to dangerous and sophisticated attacks by hackers. With the growing number of attacks, the technological maturity of the attack methods used increases: Emotet, WannaCry, Locky, DDOS attacks or Zip bombs repeatedly threaten companies and authorities, and in many cases cause considerable damage. Read more