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    With NoSpamProxy Disclaimer, you can easily and flexibly create company-wide or department-specific email disclaimers or signatures with no additional software installation or technical expertise.

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Design disclaimers without expert knowledge

Create and design company-wide email disclaimers for campaigns, trade fairs or products easily and flexibly.

E-Mail-Disclaimer für Rechtssicherheit

Disclaimer for more legal security

Make sure that corporate guidelines are reflected in the disclaimer and that you appear with a uniform corporate design.

E-Mail-Disclaimer Software

No additional software required

Design and manage email disclaimers via the intuitive web interface and avoid additional work.

E-Mail Signatur Entlastung IT-Abteilung

Permanent relief for your IT department

Your IT can use the time gained to implement other projects because now everyone in the company can manage your email disclaimers!

Email disclaimers

Create and manage email signatures quickly and easily. No expert knowledge required.

Often the adaptation of disclaimers fails because their implementation is only carried out by the IT department which often cannot implement the marketing requirements fast enough. As a result, valuable opportunities are often missed to point out events, new products or promotions.

NoSpamProxy Disclaimer is easy to use without any technical expertise via a web interface. This makes creating, changing and managing email disclaimers very easy. Using attributes from Active Directory groups, different disclaimer texts can also be maintained and applied for different groups of people or departments. This effectively reduces the burden on IT administration and enables the company to take advantage of the great advertising potential of product or event announcements in email disclaimers.

Vorteile im Überblick

  • Implementation without technical expertise
  • Relief of the IT department
  • Additional marketing instrument
  • No additional software
  • Easy support of corporate policies
  • Numerous templates available
  • Award-winning support in German and English

Relieve your IT department and support your marketing

NoSpamProxy Disclaimer puts an end to the battle between marketing and IT for rapid implementation of this important, cost-effective and effective marketing tool. The greatest benefit for companies lies in relieving IT administrators of the burden of implementing marketing ideas for email disclaimers. The time saved in this way can be used to implement other important projects, thereby increasing the agility of IT and the entire company.

Email disclaimer for a uniform corporate identity and legal certainty

If all company members are able to attach signatures to their emails, the texts and graphic design specified by corporate communications or marketing will in many cases not be implemented or only incompletely. The result is a non-uniform and undesired corporate image with no trace of corporate design. Even more serious however, is when, for example, clauses on exclusion of liability are not adopted. This may even lead to claims for damages by third parties.

Use one of the many templates to quickly create email signatures.

Create your individual email signatures for departments, campaigns, products and trade shows.

Determine the conditions for sending signatures quickly and flexibly.

NoSpamProxy Disclaimer facilitates a uniform signature and compliance with all legal regulations for business emails. It also gives marketing the freedom to integrate targeted campaigns into daily email communication.”

Alexander Seidel, Head of Sales NoSpamProxy

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What makes NoSpamProxy Disclaimer so powerful?

Take a look at all the features that NoSpamProxy Disclaimer offers for email disclaimer and signature management.

Over 4,000 companies rely on NoSpamProxy.


“The Level of Trust an excellent idea. It stops known spammers reliably and ensures that emails from our frequent correspondence partners are guaranteed to be delivered.”

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT at Swiss Life Select


“With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign, we were able to easily implement the requirements of the EU-DSGVO for Email communication that conforms to data protection regulations. The combination of the two products reduced the effort for roll-out and ongoing administration to a minimum.”

Marcus Bethmann, IT Systems Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Insurance Group


“In contrast to a conventional FTP server, NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates data Management into the familiar email environment of our employees, allowing a high level of security.”

Peter Gerfer, IT Systems Engineer at Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag

Allianz für Cybersicherheit

NoSpamProxy mit besten Ergebnissen bei Virus Bulletin Test

Security made in Germany

PUR S 2021 Award Email Security

The complete package for safe and
easy email communication

All four NoSpamProxy modules in one package: With NoSpamProxy Suite you get all the features you need for reliable protection against malware, ransomware and spam, secure email encryption, easy sending of large files and effortless management of email disclaimers. Extra secure, extra affordable. By purchasing NoSpamProxy Suite you benefit from a significantly lower price compared to purchasing the four individual modules.

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