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Stefan Cink heads NoSpamProxy Business Unit

Stefan Cink, Product Manager of NoSpamProxy and email security expert at Net at Work, is the new Business Unit Manager for NoSpamProxy as of January 1, 2020. As Business Unit Manager, he reports directly to the management and is responsible for the business objectives regarding profitability, growth and sustainability. He takes over this task from […]

Emotet: Public Institutions Increasingly Targeted by Cyber Criminals

The last quarter of 2019 was marked by scare news about malware and cyber attacks. Public institutions in particular were damaged by the numerous attacks, including the Berlin Court of Appeal and the administration of the city of Frankfurt am Main. However, the victims also included institutions such as the University of Gießen, the Catholic University […]

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Beta version of Project Heimdall now available

The action Project Heimdall is available since version 13.0 as a preview in NoSpamProxy. It currently ensures that metadata for email attachments and URLs are collected and uploaded to the NoSpamProxy cloud. This includes the file name, file sizes, the SHA-256 hash value, the MIME type (as recognized by NoSpamProxy) and the transaction ID.

How to create GDPR-compliant email disclaimers

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) led to unrest and uncertainty in many companies. At the last minute, pop-ups on websites, hastily printed information sheets and rushed data protection declarations paved the rocky road that led to Day X – 25 May 2018.  On that day, the GDPR became a binding and […]