Spam Protection

NoSpamProxy combines several intelligent technologies to ensure optimal protection against current threats such as WannaCry, Emotet & Co.

Email Encryption

With NoSpamProxy Encryption you can encrypt personal data and send it in GDPR-compliant form.

Sending large files

Send files of any size directly from the email client to your communication partners. No media discontinuity required.

Convenient security and complete protection of your email communication


Confidential and legally compliant electronic communication is of growing importance for businesses. However, the technical aspect of of managing security functions may deter users, endangering the security of your company. NoSpamProxy is the gateway solution for comprehensive and simple-to-use protection against spam and malware, and for encrypting emails. Best results in the current Virus Bulletin test underline the quality. Its numerous functions are easy to use and largely automated. So wird der Administrationsaufwand minimiert. Come and see for yourself.

Cybersecurity Alliance

Security made in Germany

NoSpamProxy with best results in Virus Bulletin Test

More than AntiSpam: NoSpamProxy is proactive, real-time protection against spam, malware and ransomware

NoSpamProxy® Protection – Anti Spam Filter

To ensure optimum protection against current threats such as WannaCry or Locky, NoSpamProxy integrates various smart technologies. As the first product of its kind, NoSpamProxy offers sender and recipient reputation management which includes powerful appendix management capabilities as well as the world-leading CYREN Zero-Hour solution. This allows that significantly more spam detection criteria are taken into consideration compared to other solutions. Benefit now from the highest possible level of security.


The use of NoSpamProxy Protection has significantly reduced the amount of spam. Addresses become uninteresting for the spammer if emails are constantly rejected.


The data volume details show the administrator how much NoSpamProxy is being used.


  • sender and recipient reputation management
  • smart appendix management and content disarming
  • Level of Trust technology
  • integrated CYREN Zero-Hour solution
  • Pattern Detection™ (RPD™) Technology
  • real-time monitoring of over 2 billion messages per day

See below for a selection of over 4.000 businesses
using NoSpamProxy to protect their email communication:


The Level of Trust filter is an excellent idea. It reliably stops known spammers and guarantees that emails from our regular correspondents are delivered.

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT Swiss Life Select

NoSpamProxy Triple Champion in user survey

For the third time, users chose NoSpamProxy as champion in the Professional User Rating for Email Security Solutions! We were particularly convincing in the areas of performance, functionality and user-friendliness. Request the complete results of the study from techconsult GmbH here.


Email Encryption.
S/MIME. PGP Signature.

NoSpamProxy® Encryption – Email Encryption

Use NoSpamProxy to ensure encryption of all email communication between you and your partners. Communicate securely with partners by means of centralised email signature and email encryption. NoSpamProxy manages all your certificates and cryprographic keys and guarantees full compliance with your company’s security policies. Corporate policies are implemented automatically and centrally.


The Microsoft MMC menu is clear and flat, so the administrator doesn’t have to search for the desired settings for long.


The gateway supports both S/MIME and PGP encryption. In addition, the certificateless variant is supported via PDF mail.


In the rules, encryption can be enforced for certain senders or recipients in order to always comply with contractual obligations.

WWK Referenz

„With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign, we were able to easily implement the requirements of the EU-DSGVO for e-mail communication that conforms to data protection regulations. The combination of the two products reduced the effort for roll-out and ongoing administration to a minimum”. The combination of the two products reduced the effort in the roll-out and in the ongoing administration to a minimum.”
Marcus Bethmann, IT System Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Insurance Group

Send large files easily, safely and without media disruptions

NoSpamProxy® Large Files

NoSpamProxy Large Files allows users to send files of any size directly from their email client, allowing users to bypass file size limitations of the email client and avoid media disruptions. Attaching files in Outlook with a single click. Users can also send large files that exceed the limitations of the e-mail client – without breaking the media, with a single click.


In contrast to a conventional FTP server, NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates data Management into the familiar email environment of our employees, allowing a high level of security.
Peter Gerfer, IT system engineer at Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag

NoSpamProxy software components – seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft Server and Microsoft Exchange environment

NoSpamProxy is based on Microsoft Server and operates as part of your IT environment (on-premises) or as a managed Service. Administrators of Microsoft environments will be familiar with its user interface and be able to work quickly and efficiently, thanks to NoSpamProxy’s integration into the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The central software components Protection, Encryption and Large Files uniquely integrate Active Directory and connectors to De-Mail and NDB (formerly DOI). To operate the Web portal for transferring large files and for encrypted communication with email recipients who do not have their own certificate or key, the Internet Information Server (IIS) included in Microsoft Server ensures that no additional software components are required. NoSpamProxy provides users with intuitive features for encryption and sending large files via its Outlook Add-in. Operation and handling are intuitive and efficient than isolated appliance solutions thanks to its integration with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for administrators of Microsoft environments. The central Modules Protection, Encryption and Large Files provide a unique integration with Active Directory and consumers to De-Mail and NDB (formerly DOI). To operate the Web Portal for the transfer of large file attachments and for encrypted communication with e-mail recipients who do not yet have their own certificate or key, the Internet Information Server (IIS) contained in Microsoft Server is set up, so no additional software components are required. Through an Outlook add-in, NoSpamProxy provides end users with intuitive functions for encrypting and sending large files in their usual Outlook environment.


Complete and cloud-based email security

NoSpamProxy in the cloud, in Azure or
as a Managed Service

Zero-Hour™ Outbreak Protection
NoSpamProxy® includes the powerful CYREN Zero-Hour solution which proactively scans the Internet and identifies massive virus outbreaks.

Email Encryption
Communicate securely with customers, partners and suppliers with central email signature and email encryption at the gateway.

Secure Data Transfer
Securely transfer files of any file size via your own SSL-encrypted web server.

Microsoft Server
NoSpamProxy runs as an SMTP proxy on your Windows server and intelligently blocks spam, phishing attacks and malware.

Several hundred thousand business users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Partner network with more than 200 authorized IT specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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