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Reliably fend off malware and spam

NoSpamProxy Protection combines the most advanced technologies to ensure optimal protection against current threats such as Emotet, WannaCry and QakBot.

Securely encrypt your emails

With NoSpamProxy Encryption, you can easily encrypt emails S/MIME and PGP-based while guaranteeing GDPR-compliant communication with customers and partners.

Send your large files easily

With NoSpamProxy Large Files you can send files of any size directly from your Email client to your communication partners. Simple, secure and without media disruption.

Easily manage your Email disclaimers

NoSpamProxy Disclaimer is the easiest way to create email disclaimers flexibly and company-wide – easy for everyone to use and without the need for third-party software.

Email Security

Either in the cloud or on your own server.
Always Made in Germany.

NoSpamProxy is a complete Email security gateway and bears the seal of quality IT Security Made in Germany. For more than 15 years, NoSpamProxy has stood for reliability and competence more than any other solution. Our experience and the constant exchange with customers and partners are the basis for continuous further development.

NoSpamProxy Cloud means uncompromising Email security that ties up fewer IT resources in the company than any other solution. For those who want to guarantee their Email security as an on-premises installation, we offer the same features and functionalities with NoSpamProxy Server.

„Over the last 15 years, email security has evolved from “something we should consider” to “our business depends on it”. We have recognised this and have, in Germany, developed NoSpamProxy, one of the most powerful email security solutions.“

Stefan Cink, Director Business and Professional Services NoSpamProxy

Stefan Cink

Icon NoSpamProxy Protection redNoSpamProxy® Protection

Proactive real-time protection against malware, ransomware and spam

Comprehensive evaluation of sender reputation, effective attachment management with content disarming, rewriting and deactivation of harmful links by URL Safeguard, CxO Fraud Detection, sandboxing and many other intelligent technologies make NoSpamProxy the most secure gateway solution for your Email communication. With the Zero Hour™ Outbreak Protection, NoSpamProxy also offers the fastest protection against malware, ransomware and spam, because new virus signatures are immediately usable and leave no chance for Emotet, WannaCry and QakBot.

NoSpamProxy Encryption IconNoSpamProxy® Encryption

Secure Email encryption
with S/MIME and PGP.

S/MIME 4- and PGP-based Email encryption is the basis for data protection and legal security in your company and guarantees secure communication with your partners and customers. NoSpamProxy ensures that certificates and keys are managed centrally and that you implement corporate policies automatically and centrally. You encrypt Emails directly from Microsoft Outlook – DSGVO-compliant and guaranteed protected. With PDF Mail you can also send protected Emails and documents to recipients who do not use certificates or keys.

NoSpamProxy Suite

The package for full Email Security

All four NoSpamProxy modules in one package: With NospamProxy Suite you get all the features you need for reliable protection against malware, ransomware and spam, secure Email encryption, easy sending of large files and effortless management of Email disclaimers. Especially secure, especially affordable. By purchasing NoSpamProxy Suite you benefit from a significantly lower price compared to purchasing the four individual modules.

Full email security also in Microsoft 365

Optimize your email security in Microsoft 365 with NoSpamProxy. Use the modular combination of spam and malware protection, email encryption, large file sending and email disclaimer now.

NoSpamProxy® Large Files

Send large files by Email – simply, securely and without media disruption

With NoSpamProxy Large Files you can send attachments of any size directly from your Email client – simply, securely, without media discontinuity and with just one click. In contrast to common file transfer services, the data is made available in a secure manner via a customer’s own web server and transmitted using SSL encryption. In this way, you can meet crucial, security-critical business requirements as well as IT governance requirements.

NoSpamProxy® Disclaimer

Create and manage Email disclaimers flexibly

With NoSpamProxy Disclaimer you can easily and flexibly create company-wide or department-specific disclaimers or Email signatures – without additional software installation or technical expertise. This puts an end to the battle between marketing and IT for rapid implementation of this important, cost-effective and very effective marketing tool. You implement changes in corporate communications quickly and centrally and relieve the burden on the IT department.

NoSpamProxy Multimandantenfähigkeit

Full multi-tenant capability

Administrators of different companies or in larger company groups each have their own closed configuration area in NoSpamProxy. The respective administrators can only see the emails of their own tenant in the message tracking. NoSpamProxy Server ensures that emails are always processed separately seperately for each tenant. The multi-tenant capability is particularly interesting for heterogeneous company structures as well as for managed service providers.

Market communication in the energy market with AS4 and NoSpamProxy

The uniform AS4 communication standard is intended to improve the security and data protection of the communication processes between the various market participants. NoSpamProxy offers you a reliable AS4 solution that covers these processes for all market roles in compliance with the rules.

Over 6,000 companies entrust the security of their Email communication to NoSpamProxy.

„The level of trust filter is an excellent idea. It stops known spammers very reliably and ensures that Emails from our regular correspondence partners are guaranteed to be delivered.”

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT Swiss Life Select

„With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign we were able to easily implement the requirements of the EU-DSGVO for data protection compliant Email communication. The combination of the two products reduced the roll-out and ongoing administration effort to a minimum.”

Marcus Bethmann, IT System Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Insurance Group

„In contrast to a classic FTP server, NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates data handling into the familiar e-mail environment of our employees – and enables a high level of security.”

Peter Gerfer, IT system engineer at Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag

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NoSpamProxy Cloud.

Simple and secure protection
your Email infrastructure.

NoSpamProxy Cloud is the flexible, cloud-based Email security gateway for managing your Email infrastructure. Simple and secure – for uncompromising security with minimal effort for your IT department. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you are ready to go right away and benefit from particularly intuitive operation, automatic updates and high availability and scalability.

NoSpamProxy Server Logo

NoSpamProxy Server.

The comprehensive solution for
security and Email encryption.

NoSpamProxy Server is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to ensure your email security on-premises. For comprehensive protection against ransomware, malware and spam, as well as for encrypting emails. Seven times the award for the Professional User Rating of techconsult GmbH – especially in the areas of performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

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Rückblick auf die NoSpamProxy Roadshow 2024 Preview

Looking back at the NoSpamProxy Roadshow 2024

NoSpamProxy roadshows always offer our customers and partners a great opportunity to interact directly with the NoSpamProxy team. They are also the ideal place to find out about new developments relating to NoSpamProxy solutions, exchange best practices and establish valuable contacts.

Become part of the strong NoSpamProxy community!

We at NoSpamProxy are passionate about making Email communication even more secure and easier. A lively exchange with and between our customers is particularly important to us. The NoSpamProxy Community is a unique opportunity to talk to other NoSpamProxy users, ask questions, get tips and give feedback. We analyze use cases, provide support and discuss your suggestions.

Together with the other members of the NoSpamProxy community and the intelligence of all active NoSpamProxy instances, you help to further develop NoSpamProxy. Your knowledge and experience count – become part of the strong NoSpamProxy community!

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