Convenient security and complete protection of  your email communications.


Confidential and legally compliant electronic communication is continuously growing in importance. However, handling and managing security functions is complex and therefore often neglected by users. NoSpamProxy is the gateway solution for comprehensive protection against spam and malware and for encrypting emails. Automated functiones are significantly reducing administrative overhead. See the benefits for yourself and let them convince you.

Security made in Germany

More than anti-spam: proactive real-time protection particularly against current mal- and ransomeware

NoSpamProxy® Protection

To ensure optimal protection against current threats like WannaCry or Locky, NoSpamProxy integrates various intelligent technologies. As the first product of its kind, NoSpamProxy offers a sender- and recipient reputation management, that works with an appendix management and the world-leading Zero-Hour solution by CYREN. Therewith, clearly more criteria for spam detection are being taken into consideration than with other solutions. This enables you to benefit from an appreciably higher level of security.

NoSpamProxy protection Spam Ratio Development

Using NoSpamProxy Protection for a domain will significantly reduce the amount of Spam attacks over time. Your email addresses become worthless for spammers because all their Spam mails are always bouncing back.


Detailed breakdowns of data volume will show admins how effective NoSpamProxy is working for them


  • sender and recipient reputation management
  • intelligent appendix management and content disarming
  • Level-of-Trust technology
  • integrated Zero-Hour solution by Cyren
  • real-time monitoring of over 2 billion messages per day

The “level of trust” filter is an excellent idea. It very reliably stops known spammers and guarantees that emails from our regular correspondents are delivered.

Jürgen Lalla, IT-Manager Swiss Life Select

S/MIME. PGP Signature.

NoSpamProxy® Encryption

Use NoSpamProxy and increase the share of encrypted email communication with your partners. Communicate securely with partners by means of central email signature and email encryption at the gateway. The gateway also eliminates the hassle for users of dealing with certificates and keys. Security policies of the company are automatically implemented centrally.

NoSpamProxy encryption S/MIME and PGP signature and encryption

The gateway is supporting both encryption via S/MIME and PGP. In addition an option provides encrypted and password protected PDF mail which needs no certificate or key.


Rules can enforce encrypted communication with certain sender or recepients, e.g. to comply with confidentiality obligations from contracts.


Net at Work has always provided us with friendly, fast and above all competent support both during our three-week evaluation period and thereafter. NoSpamProxy Encryption is running absolutely stable – and tremendously simplifies our daily life.

Georg Ries,  responsible for IT at isarpatent

Send large files easily, safely and without any media disruptions

NoSpamProxy® Large Files

NoSpamProxy Large Files allows users to send files of any size directly from their mail client. This allows users to send large files that exceed the limitations of the mail program, without experiencing any media disruptions. For users it stays just a single click in Outlook to attach the file.

Logo Deutscher Ärzteverlag

In contrast to a classical FTP server, NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates data handling into the familiar email environment of our employees, allowing a high level of security.

Peter Gerfer, IT- Systemtechniker beim Deutschen Ärzte-Verlag

Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag is fully convinced of NoSpamProxy. Below please find a selection of over 2.000 businesses using NoSpamProxy to protect their email communications:

NoSpamProxy Übersicht - Anti Spam, E-Mail-Verschlüsselung, Große Dateien versenden

NoSpamProxy Software components – optimally embedded in your Microsoft Server and Microsoft Exchange environment

NoSpamProxy can operate in your IT environment (on-premise) or as a managed service and is running on Microsoft Server. Service and operation is intuitive  for administrators of Microsoft environments and more efficient  than isolated appliance solutions thanks to integration into the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The central software components Protection, Encryption and Large Files are providing a unique integration with Active Directory and connectors to De-Mail and NDB (formerly DOI). To operate the Web portal for transferring large files and for encrypted communication with email recipients who do not have their own certificate or key yet, the Internet Information Server (IIS) contained in Microsoft Server is utilized so that no additional software components are required. NoSpamProxy provides end users with intuitive features for encryption and sending large files via an Outlook add-in in the familiar Outlook environment.

Systemübersicht NoSpamProxy - Anti Spam, E-Mail-Verschlüsselung, SSL Verschlüsselung, große Dateien verschicken

Complete email security even in the cloud

NoSpamProxy in the Cloud, in Azure or
as Managed Service

Zero-Hour™ Outbreak Protection
NoSpamProxy® integrates the Zero-Hour solution from Cyren, which is based on proactively scanning the Internet and identifying massive virus outbreaks.

Email Encryption
Communicate securely with customers, partners and suppliers with central email signature and email encryption at the gateway.

Secure Data Transfer
Securely transfer files of any file size via your own SSL-encrypted Web server.

Microsoft Server
Runs as SMTP proxy on your Windows server and intelligently blocks spam, phishing and malware.

Several 100,000 satisfied business users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Partner network with more than 200 authorized IT specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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