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How Business Email Compromise (BEC) threatens your business

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a scam through which criminals repeatedly manage to tap sensitive data or trigger financial transactions. Recurring dates such as the turn of the year or global events such as the Corona pandemic serve as a template for the fraudsters to get employees to transfer money to their account or disclose data. We explain why Business Email Compromise (BEC) is so dangerous and what you can do about it.

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Keeping emails secure with PGP encryption

Email is and remains the most important means of communication when it comes to sensitive, confidential content such as contracts, invoices, bank data or other personal information – criminals and secret services who are after this very data know this too. Email encryption with PGP offers secure protection, but many people find it too cumbersome. We show you that email encryption with PGP is secure and simple.

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Spear-throwing machines: How Artificial Intelligence Makes Phishing Scalable

With the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence, the field of IT security is facing great challenges: Like any new technology, artificial intelligence and so-called machine learning can be abused by criminals. What this means for the fight against phishing, ransomware and spam, and how you can already protect yourself against them, we explain in this blog article.

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Excel as a Malware Launchpad: Danger From XLL Files

Criminals are always finding new ways to distribute malware, and the battle against attacks from the internet is continuously fought. Sometimes the good guys win, but no sooner is one threat defused than the next one pops up. Not only that: ransomware attacks are increasing dramatically. In the current case, the attacks are using XLL files, which are used to install malware on the victims’ computers. What XLL files are, why they are so dangerous and how NoSpamProxy protects you from this threat, you will learn in this blog article.