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Sender Reputation and Email Security – Part 2: Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

SPF, DKIM, DMARC and ARC are essential technologies for the detection of fake sender domains as well as for the defence against phishing attacks. Part 2 of our series of articles on sender reputation focuses on a method to authorise specific IP addresses to send emails: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a simple and effective method to prevent the misuse of sender domains.

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Roadshow “Champion-Tour” 2021

Are we really enjoying life, thanks to technology, or are we more under stress? We don’t go online anymore, we are always online. Therefore, there are many areas where we need to pay more attention. The number of computers in our lives is constantly increasing: PCs, smartphones, tablets and “smart” devices such as TVs, music systems, thermostats and refrigerators that collect more and more data about us and our preferences. Many think “I have nothing to hide”. But this is a misconception. It’s amazing what can be made of even the most innocuous data. And who knows what information about us could suddenly be dangerous in 20 or 30 years?

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Sender Reputation and Email Security – Part 1: Authenticated Received Chain (ARC)

Procedures for checking sender reputation have existed for some time. These provide an effective way to detect fake sender domains and thus prevent phishing attacks. Although they are easy to implement and do not require expensive tools, many companies do not apply them – and thus fail to secure their organization in the best possible way. Furthermore, they fall behind in direct comparison with criminals, because they are also constantly improving their setup.

In our series of articles on sender reputation, you’ll learn how each method works and how they can help you protect you and your organization from phishing with fake senders and other cyberattacks, and optimize your email security. 

Part 1 focuses on the latest method that can be used as part of sender reputation checks: Authenticated Received Chain (ARC). 

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Net at Work and D-TRUST join forces for secure communication with public institutions

Net at Work and D-TRUST join forces for secure communication with public institutions An increasing amount of electronic communication from public institutions makes stronger protection against access by unauthorised third parties necessary. The Sicherer Bürgerdialog initiative shows that effective email encryption does not have to be complicated or expensive. Together with D-TRUST, a company of […]


NoSpamProxy supports the Westfälisches Kinderdorf e.V.

In the last two years, Net at Work GmbH has already been able to support the Westfälisches Kinderdorf with the Wish Tree campaign and fulfil one or two wishes for its residents. This year, NoSpamProxy is also doing something good and supporting the association with a free licence of the comprehensive email security software.