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Are we really enjoying life, thanks to technology, or are we more under stress? We don’t go online anymore, we are always online. Therefore, there are many areas where we need to pay more attention. The number of computers in our lives is constantly increasing: PCs, smartphones, tablets and “smart” devices such as TVs, music systems, thermostats and refrigerators that collect more and more data about us and our preferences. Many think “I have nothing to hide”. But this is a misconception. It’s amazing what can be made of even the most innocuous data. And who knows what information about us could suddenly be dangerous in 20 or 30 years?

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Companies are currently facing extraordinary challenges. As a leader, you need to make complex decisions every day to protect your workforce and communities while successfully achieving your business goals. To help you and your business achieve these goals, we offer a series of webcasts that prepare you for secure email communication. The webcasts provide ample […]

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At the security fair it-sa, which takes place from 08-10 October in Nuremberg, we will show you our new version 13.1! In addition to numerous improvements, it offers optimization for SaaS operation. On this basis, we will Aufbau und Betriin future offer partners whoare able to set up and developea managed service for customersare shying awayfrom a own cloud service. A total of 18 new features and feature enhancements include adding new checks to the Reputation Filter, supporting additional file types in the content filter to increase the security of email attachments, and VIP Encrypt©, which, in conjunction with Office 365, can be used to implement particularly secure content encryption.

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Besuchen Sie uns auf der it-sa 2019 vom 08.-10. Oktober in Nürnberg.

Stefan Cink bekommt auf der Champion-Tour den Award überreicht.

The first champion tour of NoSpamProxy ended successfully last Thursday in Cologne. At the four locations Paderborn, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Cologne we welcomed a total of 139 participants.

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CeBIT 2018 Bundesdruckerei NoSpamProxy

NoSpamProxy is a must at CeBIT 2018. This year CeBIT takes place for the first time in summer, from June 12 to 15 in Hannover. In cooperation with our partner Bundesdruckerei we will use practical examples to show you how easy it is to transmit DSGVO-compliant and encrypted emails containing personal data.

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Dear NoSpamProxy users,

Our TrustCenter partner GlobalSign will carry out important updates to the database on 16 December 2017. The following systems are affected during this period:
UTC: 3:00 – 9:00 am, 16 Dec
CET: 4.00 – 10.00 am, 16 Dec
Affected services:
All certificate management functions (e. g. ordering and renewing) via the GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) or APIs will not be available. As a result, no certificates will be issued during this period!

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Stefan Cink

Net at Work gave a lecture about e-mail security at the T.I.S.P. community meeting of the TeleTrust Association and provided for a successful exchange.

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