• NoSpamProxy Cloud -
    The next stage of evolution

    With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you can further develop your email communications. Benefit from a highly available platform, the latest technical developments and ease of use. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you can reliably prevent unwanted e-mail and reliably protect your business from attack.

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  • NoSpamProxy Cloud -
    The next stage of evolution

    With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you can further develop your email communications. Benefit from a highly available platform, the latest technical developments and ease of use. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you can reliably prevent unwanted e-mail and reliably protect your business from attack.

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Immediately ready for use

No installation required

NoSpamProxy Cloud is immediately available and usable without installation. Benefit directly from effective spam protection, secure Email encryption and easy sending of large files via Email.

Latest Features & Flexible Licenses

Optimal protection through up-to-date configuration

We take care of the configurations so that you can sit back and be protected from current threats in the best possible way. Even the latest features are immediately available and usable at any time.

Relieving the IT department

Relief for the IT department

Configuration and maintenance is not your responsibility. We guarantee full functionality and ongoing operation. You can use resources for other projects.

Low cost & high scalability

Affordable and highly configurable

Avoid initial investments such as purchasing the software, purchasing, operating, and maintaining servers. Also save on follow-up costs that can be incurred by resizing your infrastructure.

Email Security Cloud

In just 4 steps into the NoSpamProxy Cloud.

NoSpamProxy Cloud is the flexible, cloud-based email security gateway for managing your email infrastructure. Simple and secure – for uncompromising security with minimal effort for your IT department. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you’re ready to go and benefit from highly intuitive operation, automatic updates, and high availability and scalability.

Cybersecurity Alliance

NoSpamProxy with best results in Virus Bulletin Test

Security made in Germany

PUR S 2021 Award Email Security

„With NoSpamProxy Cloud we offer the best possible protection against cyber threats. Easy to book and ‘Made in Germany’. This enables our customers to quickly and cost-efficiently achieve a level of security and confidentiality that they could hardly achieve internally.”

Stefan Cink, Business Unit Manager NoSpamProxy and Email-Security-Expert at Net at Work.

Stefan Cink

Highlights in NoSpamProxy Cloud

  • Simplified rule management

    Profit from minimised effort and ease of use with the pre-configured and customisable managed rules in NoSpamProxy Cloud.

  • Optimal email hygiene

    By configuring your domains optimally and automatically exchanging DKIM keys, you enable optimal email hygiene.

  • Easy message tracking

    Numerous search functions and filters allow a detailed overview of inbound and outbound emails as well as seamless email management.

  • Automatic certificate management

    Manage your email certificates automatically with Managed Certificates. Certificates are automatically created and renewed before expiration.

NoSpamProxy Suite

The package for full Email Security

All four NoSpamProxy modules in one package: With NospamProxy Suite you get all the features you need for reliable protection against malware, ransomware and spam, secure Email encryption, easy sending of large files and effortless management of Email disclaimers. Especially secure, especially affordable. By purchasing NoSpamProxy Suite you benefit from a significantly lower price compared to purchasing the four individual modules.

Full email security also in Microsoft 365

Optimize your email security in Microsoft 365 with NoSpamProxy. Use the modular combination of spam and malware protection, email encryption, large file sending and email disclaimer now.

NoSpamProxy Protection IconNoSpamProxy Protection

Reliably fend off spam and malware

  • Detailed examination of sender and receiver reputation

    Optimize your email security with 9 different checks, including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

  • Intelligent attachment and URL management

    Use the Safeguard URL to block malicious links in emails and attachments or convert them to non-critical PDF files.

  • Guaranteed security for your business

    Protect your business from spam and malware with effective URL management, CxO fraud, and Cyren Zero Hour technology. The new AI-based 32Guards also assesses attachment and URL metadata and provides additional protection against cyberattacks.

NoSpamProxy Encryption IconNoSpamProxy Encryption

Secure Email encryption

  • GDPR compliant through S/MIME encryption

    Establish legal certainty and confidentiality with reliable email encryption while ensuring full GDPR compliance. NoSpamProxy Encryption is the first provider worldwide to support the S/MIME standard 4.0.

  • Send password-protected PDF files

    Send your emails and documents to recipients without S/MIME certificates or PGP keys with PDF Mail – but still securely.

  • Easy management of your certificates

    Easily bind your S/MIME certificates to NoSpamProxy Cloud to encrypt all your email communication. With Managed Certificates.

NoSpamProxy Encryption IconNoSpamProxy® Large Files

Send large files by Email

  • Send large files

    Send large files directly from the email client without media breakage – SSL encrypted via your own server.

  • Relieving your infrastructure

    Save bandwidth, avoid multiple archiving of files in Outlook folders, and reduce backup costs.

  • Web portal for external recipients

    Enable external communication partners to use the web portal and send large attachments using the same procedure.

Disclaimer IconNoSpamProxy® Disclaimer

Create email disclaimers easily

  • Design with ease

    Create and design email disclaimers for campaigns, trade fairs or products easily and flexibly.

  • Increased legal certainty

    Automatically comply with corporate guidelines in the disclaimer and adopt a uniform corporate design.

  • Permanent relief for your IT department

    Everyone in the company can manage your email disclaimers – and your IT can use the time gained to implement other projects.

Over 4,000 companies trust NoSpamProxy with the security of their email communication.

„The Level of Trust filter is an excellent idea. It reliably stops known spammers and guarantees that emails from our regular correspondents are delivered.”

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT Swiss Life Select

“With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign, we were able to easily implement the requirements of the EU-DSGVO for Email communication that conforms to data protection regulations. The combination of the two products reduced the effort for roll-out and ongoing administration to a minimum.”

Marcus Bethmann, IT System Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Insurance Group

„In contrast to a conventional FTP server, NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates data Management into the familiar email environment of our employees, allowing a high level of security.”

Peter Gerfer, IT system engineer at Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag

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NoSpamProxy – Also on-premises the best email security solution.

NoSpamProxy Server is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to ensure your email security on-premises. For comprehensive protection against ransomware, malware and spam, as well as for encrypting emails. Six times the award for the Professional User Rating of techconsult GmbH – especially in the areas of performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

Join the NoSpamProxy Community

At NoSpamProxy, we are passionate about making email communication even more secure and easy. A lively exchange with and between our customers is particularly important to us. The NoSpamProxy Community is a unique opportunity to talk to other NoSpamProxy users, ask questions, get tips and provide feedback. We analyse use cases, provide assistance and discuss your suggestions.

Together with the other members of the NoSpamProxy community and the intelligence of all active NoSpamProxy instances, you will help develop NoSpamProxy. Your knowledge and experience count – become part of the strong NoSpamProxy community!

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