NoSpamProxy 2-day training course

Take the two-day training course and learn how to put NoSpamProxy into operation, administer the system and even better assist your customers with support cases.

Day 1

  • Overview of NoSpamProxy
  • Installation and configuration
  • Set of rules
  • People and identities
  • Upgrades / maintenance / backups
  • Large file transfer
  • Disclaimer tool

Day 2

  • NoSpamProxy Encryption
  • Capabilities / scenarios
  • Mode of operation / incorporation in set of rules
  • Key management of internal and external people and domains
  • Automatic key requirements / external providers
  • Outlook plugin
  • PDF-e-mail in detail
  • SMS messaging

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NoSpamProxy: Champion im Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2017!

Hier geht's zum Download. Im vollständigen Research Paper von techconsult finden Sie die Detail-Bewertungen zu allen Produkten und Herstellern. Diese wurden in der herstellerunabhängigen Studie ausschließlich auf Basis von User-Ratings erstellt.
NoSpam Proxy ist Champion Professional User Rating Security 2017
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