Umsatzsteuersenkung: Besonderheiten für NoSpamProxy Lizenzgeschäft

In the course of the sales tax reduction, there are special features that also affect the NoSpamProxy license business. For continuous services, which also include the licence business, the day on which the agreed service period ends is used to determine the tax rate. In fact, this means that from 01.07. every licence key with […]

Wechsel von Symantec zu NoSpamProxy

The time of waiting is over! It’s been over six months since Broadcom acquired Symantec products – including the Symantec Mail Security products – originally developed mostly by Brightmail and one of the most popular mail security products. Customers and resellers complain about problems to extend existing licenses, new functions are hardly or not at […]

Emotet Mails 3 Beispiele

Much has been written lately about Emotet and the consequences that an infestation with this banking Trojan can have. Among other things, public institutions have had and are struggling with the consequences of successful cyberattacks that have polluted and crippled their respective IT infrastructures, with sometimes catastrophic consequences. The Berlin Chamber Court is perhaps the […]

Beta Version 13.1 NoSpamProxy

The action Project Heimdall is available since version 13.0 as a preview in NoSpamProxy. It currently ensures that metadata for email attachments and URLs are collected and uploaded to the NoSpamProxy cloud. This includes the file name, file sizes, the SHA-256 hash value, the MIME type (as recognized by NoSpamProxy) and the transaction ID.

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Warnschild NoSpamArea

At the security fair it-sa, which takes place from 08-10 October in Nuremberg, we will show you our new version 13.1! In addition to numerous improvements, it offers optimization for SaaS operation. On this basis, we will Aufbau und Betriin future offer partners whoare able to set up and developea managed service for customersare shying awayfrom a own cloud service. A total of 18 new features and feature enhancements include adding new checks to the Reputation Filter, supporting additional file types in the content filter to increase the security of email attachments, and VIP Encrypt©, which, in conjunction with Office 365, can be used to implement particularly secure content encryption.

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Icon Makefg

Similar to Microsoft Exchange, some NoSpamProxy features can only be enabled through a PowerShell cmdlet. Specifying an “SPF-authenticated corporate email server” is one such feature. Entries of this kind facilitate the maintenance of NoSpamProxy enormously. “Corporate email servers” define the servers of a company that are allowed to use owned domains in email sender addresses. By default, IP addresses, subnets, host names, TLS-authenticated hosts, and Office 365 tenants can be specified.

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ALSO Cloud Marketplace - jetzt mit NoSpamProxy

ALSO is adding NoSpamProxy to its Cloud Marketplace, complementing its already successful software licensing offer of the service. The gateway solution for comprehensive protection against spam and malware complements Office 365 perfectly with enterprise e-mail security and provides easy-to-use e-mail encryption, secure large file transfers and central marketing disclaimers.

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SPF, DKIM, DMARC und DANE: E-Mail-Sicherheit durch Senderreputation

In an article, NoSpamProxy product manager Stefan Cink explains the advantages and functionality of the sender reputation process, and gives tips for the implementation. A significant part of the increasing spam and malware threats can be repelled through the implementation of the sender reputation, that is a feature of NoSpamProxy Protection. The article is published in “kes”, a magazine for information security.

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