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82 per cent of all Cyber Attacks are made via email*

NoSpamProxy® Protection will scan every mail already when it hits the first SMTP gateway to protect against spam, ransomware, spyware and malware. It classifies it using a variety of anti-spam filters. If an email is classified as spam, the system will reject the email. Only messages that are classified as neutral or trusted can pass through the anti-spam gateway. Special feature: If a trusted email is not accepted, the operating principle of NoSpamProxy Protection guarantees that the sender is informed about the delivery rejection. With NoSpamProxy you can protect yourself against threats such as WannaCry, Locky & Co.

NoSpamProxy auf Windows Servern

Many companies are using anti-spam solutions for quite some time already and the amount of products on the market is vast. So what makes NoSpamProxy stand out?

NoSpamProxy is one of the very few product solutions completely compliant with challenging German laws (particularly in accordance with §206 of the StGB [Criminal Code] and §88 of the Telecommunications Act). 

The legal consequences which can already arise just from receiving and accepting an email at the company’s mail gateway are therefore avoided. Even damage claims like the ones determined in recent court rulings due to lost emails in quarantine areas cannot affect NoSpamProxy users. A high level of increased productivity and maximum protection with minimal operating expenses also distinguish NoSpamProxy from other solutions. Migrating to NoSpamProxy often will pay back after just a few months, especially in Microsoft Server – based IT environments.

The quarantine trap of traditional Anti-Spam solutions The problem common to all spam protection solutions is that the software decides whether an email is classified as spam or is allowed to pass. In such cases, not all spam messages are detected and good mails are also blocked (false positive). It is exactly these false positives that represent a risk for conventional anti-spam solutions. When such messages are deleted or stored in quarantine, misclassified emails cannot always be easily found.

Secure communication by providing information from the sender  Even if NoSpamProxy Protection mistakenly recognizes a message as spam, the anti-spam gateway refuses to accept the email. Unlike other spam solutions, the email sender receives a message that the email was not delivered, and can respond to it by either calling the sender or requesting the mail to be resent. The gateway’s level of trust function is then addressed so that mails from this sender will be accepted in the future. According to experience, spammers are no longer interested in the recipient’s address due to the additional effort. This has the additional benefit that the spam volume that is sent to NoSpamProxy-protected domains significantly decreases over time.

Screenshot NoSpamProxy user notifications

Always an eye on transparent Spam protection The powerful reporting capabilities of NoSpamProxy Protection allow you to keep a constant eye on your email traffic. Thus, the volume of data as well as emails and spam can be analyzed in detail all the way down to the user level. The integrated message tracking function logs every email and how it was handled. It checks what rules were actively applied, what anti-spam filters influenced the mail gateway and what actions were carried out for the email. The records and reports from NoSpamProxy Protection allow administrators to constantly monitor all notifications.

Using the rules editor of NoSpamProxy to implement email policies: Central. Active Directory controlled. Easy and clean.

NoSpamProxy rules

Granular specification of rules allows easy implementation of an arbitrary number of exceptions.


Assigning filters to rules allows for maximum flexibility.


Assigning actions to rules for increased flexibility. This is especially helpful to specify how encryption should be applied to mails.


The Level-of-Trust-Filter is excellent. It is reliable to stop known spammers and guarantees that mails from our business partners and customers are delivered. Jürgen Lalla, IT-Leiter Swiss Life Select

NoSpamProxy mit besten Ergebnissen bei Virus Bulletin Test

Virus Bulletin reports a 0% False-Positive Rate for NoSpamProxy

With 99.99 of 100 possible points, NoSpamProxy has earned the prestigious VB Spam + Gold rating for IT security in a dream performance. “NoSpamProxy achieved an excellent catch rate of 99.99% during the anti-spam test carried out by Virus Bulletin. In addition to this, it also impressed with its 0.00% false positives rate. Not only does NoSpamProxy perform brilliantly in terms of spam protection, it also offers cutting-edge protection from malware and ransomware, which we have started testing for in the latest version of our tests.”, Martijn Grooten, Editor in Chief at the Virus Bulletin

Read the complete press release.

Only available with NoSpamProxy

NoSpamProxy Protection is continuously learning with whom you are communicating. Even suspected spam and ransomware from these partners will not be rejected. We call this key components, which so far are not offered by any other spam solution, Level of Trust, sender- and recipient-reputation and intelligent attachment management.

Screenshot NoSpamProxy sender validation

Level of Trust

Extremely easy to approve communication partners at the Anti-Spam gateway  NoSpamProxy Protection also offers a dynamic whitelist. If a communication partner is mistakenly rejected as a spammer, you only need to send them an email. Level of Trust allots them trust points and they are thus approved at the anti-spam gateway. The time and effort required by IT administration to manually update whitelists on the Microsoft Windows server – typical in other spam solutions – is no longer necessary.

Known communication partners are not rejected   NoSpamProxy Protection also scans outgoing emails and assigns trust points to the recipient of the mail. This “points database” is then used to allow incoming emails to pass through in an existing communication relationship; even if other Spam filters classify this message as untrustworthy, e.g. because the sender is on a blacklist.

Sender Reputation

Sender- and recipient reputation-system

NoSpamProxy uses a multi-level system for sender reputation, which increases the security. NoSpamProxy combines nine different tests. One of the most important is the testing of SPF, DKIM and DMARC, which makes it possible to see whether a mail originates from a sender. As one of the first vendors, Net at Work also uses the DMARC entry for testing. With a DMARC entry, the sending domain can determine which quality criteria a mail must have from it. NoSpamProxy evaluates this information consistently. These nine tests are combined with the level-of-trust approach of NoSpamProxy, which is based on a self-learning, automatic white listing.

Intelligent attachment management

Intelligent attachment management with x-ray vision and “content-disarming”

An important potential for combating malware is the handling of email attachments. For this purpose, NoSpamProxy contains a function that allows rule-based attachments in Word or Excel format and can be automatically converted into uncritical PDF files. Any potentially existing malicious code remains unaffected. The recipient is thus guaranteed to receive a non-committable attachment. The PDF document contains a preview page, which contains individual notes on the reason for the conversion and, if desired, a link to the original document, which is in a special quarantine.

Instant Virus Protection

Anti Spam and Anti Malware with leading Zero Hour Technology

Everyday, cybercriminals use millions of spam to spread malware and ransomware. Malware software, in turn, is used to misuse infected PCs for uncontrolled spam. To mitigate such combined threats, NoSpamProxy Protection with Zero Hour ™ Outbreak Protection includes built-in virus protection in a very short response time.

Screenshot NoSpamProxy spyware warning

The fastest protection against new threats like WannaCry & Co.  The Zero-Hour technology from Cyren is one of the best proactive anti-spam technologies in the world. Fast protection against viruses, ransomware, malware and spyware is based on Rapid Pattern Detection™ (RPD™) technology, which already protects more than 600 million users worldwide. To do so, the patented technology from Cyren examines a large amount of the global Internet traffic in real time and analyzes more than two billion messages per day. The patterns of the recurrent spreading and structures of viruses, malware and phishing activity can be identified within a short period of time and used by NoSpamProxy Protection immediately and effectively in the anti-spyware and anti-malware components as well as against phishing and spyware.

New virus signatures can be use immediately NoSpamProxy Protection integrates the Zero-Hour from Cyren. The anti-virus solution proactively scans the Internet and identifies potential virus outbreaks extremely quickly. Unlike signature-based methods, this solution recognizes new virus outbreaks as soon as they occur and protects your exchange server and your mail infrastructure already within the first hour.

Swiss Life is convince of email encryption with NoSpamProxy. Please find below a selection from over 2.000 businesses, that are using NoSpamProxy to protect their email communication:

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