NoSpamProxy Cloud mit Azure Active Directory Gruppen noch individueller konfigurieren

The December update of NoSpamProxy Cloud has made available two functions, Encryption and Managed Certificates, which significantly simplify the encryption of emails and the management of the required certificates. To be more precise, it couldn’t be easier: With Managed Certificates you can create certificates automatically and renew them before they expire, without any effort on the part of customers or service providers.

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As of April 1, 2022, the requirements for email certificates will be tightened. SwissSign will stop issuing e-mail certificates with a 3-year term in March 2022. Only e-mail certificates with a validity of one or two years will then be available. Certificates with a validity of 3 years issued before April 1 will remain valid after the cut-off date and will not be revoked.

ADN Group entscheidet sich für E-Mail Verschlüsselung mit NoSpamProxy und wird Distributor

ADN quickly decided on NoSpamProxy Encryption, which was functionally convincing and also promised the best possible support for data protection requirements in the German-speaking region as well as excellent support.

NoSpamProxy erneut Champion in unabhängiger Nutzerbefragung für-E-Mail-Security Preview

For the fifth time in a row, users have voted NoSpamProxy by Net at Work the champion in the Professional User Rating for Email Security Solutions 2022.

Malware von kompromittierten Exchange Servern Preview

A wave of email attacks is currently spreading around the world, with the attackers abusing the communication partners’ Exchange servers to send the fake emails. This article explains why this is so dangerous and what you can do now.

E-Mail-Verschlüsselung NoSpamProxy Encryption Preview

In the webcast, we show how certificate management can be mapped with the SwissSign Managed PKI and how easy the administration is.

digicert zertifikate preview

Starting with the next update for NoSpamProxy Server 13.2, DigiCert will be available as a certificate authority. Customers will be able to easily integrate their S/MIME certificates from DigiCert.

E-Mail-Verschlüsselung NoSpamProxy Encryption Preview

The high-quality certificates for NoSpamProxy Cloud will be available from November 2021. They impress with an unbeatable price and little effort.