New version 13.2

Version 13.2 includes new features and important functional enhancements. One of the highlights of the new version is the automated certificate management for users of the German National Research and Education Network (DFN). The new Release 13.2 of NoSpamProxy automates the use of the DFN CA. When a new user is created, NoSpamProxy automatically retrieves the necessary certificates from the DFN CA using the integration now available in version 13.2, manages them and makes them known in common key servers such as Open Keys. By automating certificate management, signed and encrypted mail communication can be introduced quickly and without great administrative effort, even for large numbers of users. Universities in particular, with their comparatively high fluctuation of users, benefit from this and can significantly reduce the workload of their IT administrators.

Another highlight of NoSpamProxy 13.2 is the refined URL Safeguarding in combination with sender reputation. The URL Safeguard feature allows you to rewrite and block URLs in inbound emails. This means that when the user opens the link, it is checked again to see if there are any negative assessments for this URL. With the new release, rewritten URLs can also be blocked in general. The unique level of trust concept of NoSpamProxy continuously determines a reputation for each sender based on a variety of criteria. This allows you to activate this complete blocking of URLs, for example for unknown communication partners with domains with a bad reputation.