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This new feature patch includes following changes:

  • Encryption for Large Files in Web Portal
    Large Files stored in the file system of Web Portal can be encrypted. This limits access for admins so they cannot see the content of files.
  • Redundancy for Web Portal
    If needed there can be two or more Web Portals. Large File data is synced between each Web Portal automatically. Files not fully synced can still be downloaded from any portal through an automatic tunneling mode.
  • PDF-password reset via self Service
    A user can now reset its PDF-password via Web Portal.
  • Automatically generated passwords for PDF can be saved
    Passwords for PDF-encrypted mails can be saved now for further communication with the reciever.

If you update from version 10.0, there is nothing special to consider. If you want to update from version 9.x to 10.1, please be aware of following changes.

Please be aware that support for version 8.5 or older has ended with release of this Version.