Email security when working from home

The lung disease Covid-19 caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has presented new challenges for society and people worldwide. Contact barriers, masks, closed shops, cancellations of events and cinema closures are just some of the consequences that have shaken up the everyday life that we have all taken for granted. Many people are particularly aware of the importance of social contacts and meetings in this time of crisis.

Corona and digital change

The economic consequences are also serious: the global economy is in deep recession with estimates suggesting that Germany’s economic output will slump by around six percent in 2020 as a whole. In many sectors, there is a standstill, as production and services require the presence of workers. Closed daycare centres and schools pose further challenges for workers with children.

In other sectors, however, the pandemic shows that a change in working methods is possible. What has so far been postponed to an unspecified date into the future, must now be implemented abruptly and extensively. No office, no meetings, no workshops, no conferences – in such a situation, which ultimately came as a surprise to many, even the most skeptical CEOs become open to the Modern Workplace overnight.

So is the coronavirus the most powerful force behinddigital transformationto date? There is much evidence to suggest this, and the medium- and long-term changes in the world of work cannot even be foreseen. If the productivity of the employees in the home office is as high as in the office, if one can also carry out large meetings easily as a video conference, if working together on documents via the cloud becomes more and more a matter of course, then the question may arise whether a complete return to attendance is necessary at all.

Modern communication requires professional tools

Whatever working life will look like in the future, the Corona pandemic exposes Germany’s digital deficits – including what digitization means in the first place. Digitization is more than rushing to use Zoom, Dropbox and WhatsApp. Real digitization needs powerful tools that meet the needs of professional and secure communication and collaboration. Tools that make it possible to permanently change processes and business models and adapt them to the requirements of mobile work in distributed teams.

The Modern Workplace at Net at Work

For us at Net at Work, Microsoft Teams is at the heart of collaboration, because time- and location-independent communication via chat, calls or video conferencing as well as document sharing and clear calendar functions work easily and seamlessly. In combination with other web-based Microsoft services such as SharePoint and Microsoft 365, we manage tasks, projects and documents from anywhere and can be accessible to our customers as usual.

Email security is particularly important now

In addition to unchanged accessibility, security in communication is the basis of modern workplace,especially in times of crisis. Particular attention is paid to email communication,as email is still the preferred way for cybercriminals to contaminate IT environments with malicious code. This is particularly evident in the context of the Corona pandemic. For example, the increased work from the home office leads to an increasing number of fraudulent emails in which fraudsters use the method of CxO Fraud . The criminals pretend to be superiors and try to persuade the recipients to transfer money on behalf of their manager or business partner.

NoSpamProxy adapts to your infrastructure – On-Premises, Hybrid, Cloud-Based

The collaboration tools used must adapt to the needs of each company— not the other way around. Accordingly, the email security solution usedshould also meet all requirements, not only in terms of security, scalability and resiliency, but also in terms of smooth integration into the infrastructure.

NoSpamProxy offers a suitable model for each scenario. In addition to traditional on-premises operations, NoSpamProxy can be used to implement both a hybrid and a completely cloud-based scenario. For example, customers can operate Microsoft Exchange as a hybrid configuration and use NoSpamProxy to accurately map and centrally manage it.

NoSpamProxy also makes it easy to handle operations in environments that Microsoft 365 and Exchange are fully in the cloud,as all the features for email security and email encryption are also available in the cloud and as a managed service. For larger customers or customers with very high security requirements, the Private Stack even provides a highly available NoSpamProxy environment that is available in the cloud but only for the customer. Unpleasant side effects caused by other customers are thus excluded.

For example, in the current pandemic situation and increased demand for home office workstations, a customer had problems with the number of VPN accesses available, which did not ensure email communication. After moving the email infrastructure and mailboxes to Microsoft 365, this problem was quickly resolved. With flexible deployment scenarios, NoSpamProxy offers ideal ways to protect against spam and malware and enable email encryption.

Protect email communication seamlessly – with NoSpamproxy

Due to its architecture, consisting of an intranet role for configuration and control as well as several gateway roles, for processing email traffic, NoSpamProxy can optimally map all scenarios. NoSpamProxy also adapts to changing, unpredictable circumstances and always grows along with it.

Even though the majority of employees work from the home office, email communications must be secure and protected, whether through effective protection against spam and malware, or through encryption that protects sensitive content from third-party access. NoSpamProxy protects your email — flexible, location-independent, and anytime.