Change in the validity periods of SwissSign certificates

As of April 1, 2022, the requirements for email certificates will be tightened. SwissSign will stop issuing email certificates with a three-year validity in March 2022. Only email certificates with a validity of one or two years will then be available. Certificates with a validity of three years issued before April 1 will remain valid after the cut-off date and will not be revoked.

The tightening of email certificate requirements stems from a new Rootstore Policy, or updated Root Certificate Program, that Apple recently released. The policy defines which requirements providers of certificate services have to fulfill in order to be recognized as trustworthy by Apple.

This is what you should do now

NoSpamProxy customers only need to make sure in the settings for the SwissSign connection that the “Product” field does not contain 3y at the end, but only 1y or 2y. If this is already given, you do not need to do anything else. Otherwise you can easily modify this section manually.