Announcement: NoSpamProxy Cloud – Encryption and Managed Certificates

High quality certificates for NoSpamProxy Cloud available in November. Unbeatable price, no effort.

The time-consuming organisation and management of certificates for your customers is a thing of the past with our new Managed Certificates feature. Available starting November 2021!

Based on the connection to the corresponding Active Directory group, we are able to manage your certificates via NoSpamProxy Cloud without any effort on the customer or service provider side. This means: certificates can be created automatically and renewed before expiry.

By centralising these components, we achieve a drastic reduction in administrative effort. In addition, Managed Certificates has a very attractive cost structure, which was not possible with previous solutions. Apart from maintaining an Active Directory group, all we need from you is a one-time proof of ownership of the domain.

Managed Certificates requires NoSpamProxy Cloud Encryption and as a basis NoSpamProxy Protection. NoSpamProxy Cloud customers can activate and test Managed Certificates after the roll-out free of charge (certificates not included) until the end of the year.

In addition, with the November update of NoSpamProxy Cloud, we are the first provider worldwide to support the S/MIME Standard 4.0 and thus set the course for a secure future with NoSpamProxy Cloud. And the price? As an option to NoSpamProxy Cloud Encryption you can subscribe to Managed Certificates from 1 EURO per user and month. You will receive qualified certificates from a recognised, international trust centre. NoSpamProxy Encryption is available from 2 EUR per user and month. As usual, the prices are reduced with our cloud quantity scales for larger numbers of users.

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