(Almost) All roads lead to the cloud

The trend towards cloud-based IT services is unbroken. But not only that: entire solutions or IT infrastructures are no longerpremises but have migrated to the cloud. The field of email security is also undergoing radical change, with the result that some providers in Email Security sectorhave already announced that they will no longer offer on-premises solutions at all in the foreseeable future and will switch completely to cloud offerings.

The idea behind cloud services and related models such as softwareAs-a-Service (SaaS) is not new, because it is just a modified form of the ASP model. Called Application Service Providers (ASPs) Started in the 1990s to host and manage third-party software for their customers. In contrast, the provider provides its own software for cloud-based services.

A fundamental decision

When the Email infrastructure is outsourced to external servers, mailboxes are managed on a cloud-based basis, and individual users access this cloud when they retrieve or send Email.

The management of Email mailboxes decides how to respond to malware attacks and prevent data loss, financial loss, or hardware failures. The choice for or against a cloud-based infrastructure depends on your individual requirements. In contrast to on-Premisesinstallations have many advantages.

There’s a lot to be said for E-Mail Security in the Cloud E

On-premisesinstallations often “age” often creeping and then no longer provide effective protection against spam. To maintain the existing level of protection, software updates and rule adjustments must be made manually on a regular basis. With cloud solutions, you are always protected from current threats,becauseupdates are installed automantically and areincluded in the price.. In addition, cloud-based software is available without installation, immediately usable and easier to confiscate– includingrieren optimally adjusted rules.

Cloud-based solutions are also easy toscale:You save not only thehigh initial investment for the purchase and operation of software and servers, but also the consequential costs of resizing your infrastructure. At the same time, your IT department will be relieved,because installation, configuration and maintenance are no longer in Iresponsibility. Full functionality and ongoing operation are guaranteed,freeing up resources that can be used for other projects and tasks.

Your email infrastructure stays up-to-date in the cloud: : updates, data security, and the creation of regular backups are the responsibility of the provider. Usage-dependent and flexible pricing models make it possible dabeito die tailor-made needs of your company.

Benefits of Email Security in the Cloud

  • Immediately ready for use

  • Best protection through current configuration

  • Relief of the IT department

  • Low cost & high scalability

Has On-PremisesPremises run out?

When the first companiess started using cloud-based IT infrastructures about 15 years ago, to be used, a einem The majority of companies are still very sceptical about the outsourcing of data and services. Too big were the fear of newthings, concerns about lack offdata protection and concerns about possibly lowr resilience.

The necessary trust only gradually developed. Heutzutage nutzen companies and Private users as a matter of course cloudservices of all kinds. However, not all private and business users want to to go to the cloud. Just, when it is a concern for the Area Emailsecurity with all its requirements for Privacy, Reliability and flexibility goes, many are Users particularly cautious – EspeciallyIf it’s about Public authorities or public bodies Is, which are often the target of cyberattacks.

The familiar feeling of having infrastructure and data under one’s own roof outweighs the benefits that a cloud infrastructure would offer. In addition, the configuration options for on-premisesinstallations are Premisesoften more extensive than in the cloud. Special caseshow they can appear at large companies with many users or partners for example, when it comes to rule management or content filtering of Email,this is a better way, to cover it.

Private Stack: The EnterpriseUpgradefor NoSpamProxy Cloud

NoSpamProxy Cloud offers all the benefits of a cloud-based solution based on NoSpamProxy, the proven and reliable on-premises solution for email security. On-Premises In fact, both variants are developed on a common code basis.

For customers who want to take advantage of a cloud environment but do notchtlich want to compromise on configurationpossibilities,flexibility and IP hygiene, we offer with the Private Stack the optimal solution. With the Private Stack of NoSpamProxy Cloud gives you a complete infrastructure that you only useto implement your security policy in a customized way.

You benefit from maximum IP hygiene and full access to The Configuration Options of NoSpamProxy, including fine-grained rule management and detailed settings in the content filter. Large companies with many users and partners in particular have the opportunity to handle numerous special cases when managing the Email infrastructure. Cover.

NoSpamProxy Cloud’s web-based interface provides powerful message trackingthat enables administrators to quickly and accurately track the processing of emails.

Whether cloud-based or on-premisespremises: With the two variants of NoSpamProxy manage and protect your email infrastructure securely, flexibly, and reliably.