Strengthening the NoSpamProxy Support Team

The persistently high demand and the third award as champion in the PURS study of TechConsult clearly show the high quality and popularity of NoSpamProxy. An important cornerstone is the excellent manufacturer support.

“Telephone contact is very important to us and our customers. In order to ensure continued accessibility, we are now expanding the team with external support. This way, we can ensure that even at peak times, someone always calls the phone and helps the customer,” says Stefan Cink, Business Unit Manager NoSpamProxy.

“In particular, triaging, i.e. the classification according to the severity of the problem, in the case of incoming support requests, will work even better in the future,” says Thomas Glöckner, Team Leader Support for NoSpamProxy. “Nothing is more important than taking the right steps immediately in the event of a serious problem and gaining precious time.”

The extension of First Level Support has already taken place. Of course, we will constantly monitor and improve the support process.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us.