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Encryption of emails with PGP or S/MIME gives you more privacy and legal security. Communication is safe and extremely easy with NoSpamProxy® Encryption. Our mail gateway provides a convenient and easy-to-use encryption solution for all who need to encrypt messages. Comply essential elements of the Data Protection Regulation with secure email encryption.

NoSpamProxy auf Windows Server

Email encryption – not really important? This attitude has changed significantly, as can be seen in many recent polls. The reasons for this lie in the significant increase in the threat of industrial espionage and automated mail-screening by intelligence services.

As a gateway solution, NoSpamProxy Encryption takes over the central management of certificates and keys. And the implementation and operation of your email encryption solution has never been easier.

In many industries, encrypted communication with suppliers or external service providers is a pre-requirement for being awarded contracts (e.g. automobile industry, grocery discounters). Invoices sent via email are increasingly being intercepted and modified. Email encryption provides legal security both for proving what orders you placed and what invoices you sent via email. By offering encrypted email communication with customers or clients, businesses can also effectively distinguish themselves from competitors.

Confidentiality is fast and easy You can communicate with your partners particularly safely and easily using central email signatures and email encryption at the NoSpamProxy® Encryption gateway. Since keys and certificates are only managed at the gateway, but not at the client, the user does not have to deal with the cumbersome job of handling electronic keys. The safety regulations are automatically implemented centrally in accordance with the company’s corporate governance. Of course, received messages are also already encrypted at the gateway and are available to the user as usual for further processing. This allows access to secure connections via SSL encryption with smartphones and tablets, as well as for archiving messages in their unencrypted form.

PDF Mail: Send emails and documents securely Very often recipients do not have a PGP key or personal certificate. For this NoSpamProxy® Encryption offers simple way to securely transmit emails and documents with the PDF Mail feature, which does not place any demands on the recipient. NoSpamProxy Encryption automatically converts the email with all attachments into a password-protected PDF document. This password is automatically sent to the receiver via a text message. Alternatively, the recipient can set their own password when logging on to the NoSpamProxy Web portal. To open the message the recipient only needs a PDF reader. PDF Mail is of particular interest to companies that would like to send sensitive or personal data without email certificates, encryption software or SSL encryption.

Certificates for Email encryption For encryption of emails, certificates are required. They can be used for the S/MIME process according to the X.509 standard, or with a PGP key. NoSpamProxy® Encryption centralizes and automates the management of these certificates. Acquisition of the certificates is automated for users. IT administrators benefit from a variety of helpful management features.

Central management of certificates with NoSpamProxy Encryption: Convinient and secure compared to client side administration

Gateway Certificate management

Multiple ways to search the central certificate database makes certificate management easy.


The central certificate database not only holds private and public keys of all users but also holds all root and intermediate certificates and their status.


Using the quarantine function for certificates makes the maintenance of root and intermediate certificates easy. No need for the admin to research certificate chains on the Web.


Net at Work has always provided us with friendly, fast and above all competent support both during our three-week evaluation period and thereafter. NoSpamProxy Encryption is running absolutely stable – and tremendously simplifies our daily life. Georg Ries,  responsible for IT at isarpatent


Gateway Certificates and Personal Certifikates

Email encryption with self service

S/MIME as common standard for mail encryption requires X.509 certificates for all end users. Gateway certificates are cost effective and easier to manage. They work perfectly with partners who also use a gateway encryption solution. If, however, communication increases with individuals and small businesses or if optimum compatibility is to be ensured, then personal certificates are necessary.

Background Information The email certificate management feature of NoSpamProxy Encryption for S/MIME supports user and domain certificates of any TrustCenter and automatically imports public keys from incoming email signatures. For quickly and easily issuing user certificates the TrustCenters SwissSign and GlobalSign are directly integrated. This secure interface between the email gateway and the TrustCenters reduces the effort of IT administration and provides significant cost savings.

PGP Mail

Pretty much better in privacy: Of course it is also possible to generate, import and manage PGP keys with NoSpamProxy Encryption. With the support of PGP Mail, NoSpamProxy® Encryption provides multiple options for easily sharing encrypted data and messages.

Buying certificates

Together with our partners SwissSign and GlobalSign, we offer you the opportunity to purchase personal and team certificates simply and at low cost. Learn here where and how to buy

Advice about certificates

In practice, however, questions and the need for advice often arise prior to purchasing. iCertificate is a qualified NoSpamProxy partner and can thus provide you specific advice regarding configuration of the certificate management for your NoSpamProxy Encryption installation. You thus get a tailor-made certificate solution for your company and your NoSpamProxy.

Learn more about the advice

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Complete email security even in the cloud

NoSpamProxy in the cloud, in Azure or
as Managed Service

De-Mail and NDB (formerly DOI)

Legally secure and efficient Email-Encryption in Germany

NoSpamProxy® Encryption supports secure and centralized access to the De-Mail system for German businesses, governments, institutions and public institutions. Thus, De-Mails can be reliably sent and received within the existing mail systems. NoSpamProxy® Encryption has interfaces for integrating specialized procedures, ECM systems and email systems. The legally compliant email encryption with NoSpamProxy® Encryption leads to significant cost reductions compared to conventional written forms of communication with customers and citizens.

DE-Mail NoSpamProxy Encryption - SSL Verschlüsselung, E-Mails verschlüsseln, E-Mail-Verschlüsselung

Netze des Bundes (NDB)

German federal and state governments decided to build a common communication infrastructure for the German administration in the “Germany Online” Action Plan. Part of this infrastructure is email routing between German federal, state and local authorities on the basis of a central routing table provided by the NDB (formerly DOI) Authorities can also rely on an automated solution for the maintenance and implementation of routing with NoSpamProxy® Encryption.

fp-award NoSpamProxy by Net at Work was  awarded the “FP Award 2015 – De-Mail Innovation” at CeBIT 2015. Francotyp-Postalia is presenting the De-Mail Innovation Award for innovative concepts to enable or to promote De-Mail. Francotyp Postalia on NoSpamProxy: “The presentation of a seamless integration of De-Mail into email systems with NoSpamProxy convinced the jury members. The most remarkable innovation is that the users now can send a De-Mail with their regular mail client.”

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