• Simple Email Encryption

    NoSpamProxy enables the encryption of emails with PGP or S/MIME. The email gateway for companies ensures secure and easy e-mail communication.


Sending GDPR-compliant Emails

With the comfortable encryption solution you can transfer personal data.

Central Management of Certificates & Keys

Uncomplicated installation and simple handling. Users can encrypt Emails directly from Outlook.


The PDF mail function enables the simple and secure sending of Emails and documents, which does not place any demands on the recipient.

Email Encryption

The key to secure communication

NoSpamProxy® Encryption guarantees data privacy and legal security. PGP and S/MIME-based encryption ensures that your email communication is protected. NoSpamProxy® Encryption is a convenient and easy-to-use encryption solution and offers full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Is email encryption a secondary topic? Recent polls show that it is not, not least because of the significant increase of industrial espionage and automated email screening by intelligence services.

NoSpamProxy Encryption is a powerful gateway solution and centrally manages all of your certificates and cryptographic keys. Implementation and operation of company-wide email encryption has never been easier.

In many industry sectors such as automotive industry and grocery discounters, encrypted communication with suppliers and external service providers is a prerequisite for being awarded contracts. Invoices sent via email are being increasingly intercepted and modified. Email encryption provides legal security both for placed orders and sent invoices. By offering encrypted email communication with customers and clients, businesses can also effectively distinguish themselves from competitors.

Third time champion!

For the third time, users voted NoSpamProxy the champion in the Professional User Rating for e-mail security solutions! We were particularly convincing in the areas of performance, range of functions and user-friendliness. Request the complete results of the study from techconsult GmbH here.



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Confidentiality at the push of a button Centralised management of email signatures and cryptographic keys by NoSpamProxy Encryption facilitates safe and easy communication between you and your partners. All certificates and cryptographic keys are managed solely at the gateway, not on the client. Therefore, user do not have to handle the keys themselves. As a result, company-wide safety regulations are automatically implemented centrally in accordance with the company’s corporate governance. Received messages are also encrypted at the gateway and available to the user. This allows access to secure connections via TLS encryption from smartphones and tablets, as well as for archiving messages in their unencrypted form.

PDF Mail: Send emails and documents securely In many cases, recipients do not have a PGP key or personal certificate at their disposal. The PDF Mail feature included in NoSpamProxy® Encryption offers a simple and easy way to securely transmit emails and documents without the use of cryptographic keys. NoSpamProxy Encryption automatically converts the email including all attachments into a password-protected PDF document. The password is automatically sent to the receiver in a text message. Alternatively, the recipient can set their own password when logging on to the NoSpamProxy Web Portal. To open the message, only a conventional PDF reader is required. PDF Mail is of particular interest to companies who want to send sensitive and personal data without using certificates, keys and encryption software.

Certificates for email encryption For both S/MIME and PGP-based encryption, certificates are required. NoSpamProxy® Encryption centralises and automates certificate management. IT administrators benefit from a variety of helpful management features.

Convenient, secure and central management of certificates, with NoSpamProxy Encryption.

NoSpamProxy Certificate Management

Multiple ways to search the central certificate database makes certificate management easy.


The central certificate database not only holds private and public keys of all users but also holds all root and intermediate certificates and their status.


Using the quarantine function for certificates makes the maintenance of root and intermediate certificates easy. No need for the admin to research certificate chains on the Web.

WWK Referenz

„With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign, we were able to easily implement the requirements of the EU-DSGVO for e-mail communication that conforms to data protection regulations. The combination of the two products reduced the effort for roll-out and ongoing administration to a minimum”.
Marcus Bethmann, IT System Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Insurance Group

All about Certificates

Gateway and Private Certificates

S/MIME is the de-facto standard for email encryption and requires X.509-based certificates. These types of gateway certificates are cost-efficient and easy to manage. They work perfectly with partners that also use a gateway encryption solution. If, however, communication increases with private individuals and small businesses or if optimum compatibility needs to be ensured, privatel certificates are required.

Buy Certificates

In collaboration with our partners SwissSign and GlobalSign, we offer you the opportunity to purchase private and team certificates simply and at low cost.

Background Information The email S/MIME certificate management feature in NoSpamProxy Encryption offers support for both user and domain certificates from any TrustCenter, and automatically imports public keys included in incoming email signatures. The TrustCenters SwissSign and GlobalSign are fully integrated into NoSpamProxy. The result is a secure interface between email gateway and TrustCenters which reduces workloads on IT administrators and minimises costs.

Full support for PGP-based encryption

Of course it is also possible to generate, import and manage PGP keys with NoSpamProxy Encryption. With the support of PGP-based encryption, NoSpamProxy® Encryption provides multiple options for easy sharing of encrypted data and sending of messages.


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Some information regarding certificates

Questions often arise prior to purchasing. SSL Plus is a qualified NoSpamProxy partner and can provide you specific advice regarding configuration of your NoSpamProxy Encryption installation. SSL Plus is a custom-made certificate solution for your company.

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Complete, cloud-based email security

NoSpamProxy in the Cloud, in Azure or
as a Managed Service

De-Mail and NDB (formerly DOI)

Legally secure and effective email encryption

NoSpamProxy® Encryption supports secure and centralised access to De-Mail, an infrastructure specifically designed for German businesses, public authorities and institutions. This way, De-Mails can be sent and received reliably as part of your existing email infrastructure. NoSpamProxy® Encryption features interfaces for the integration specialised procedures, ECM systems and email systems. The legally compliant email encryption created by NoSpamProxy® Encryption yields significant cost reduction when compared to conventional written forms of communication.

Netze des Bundes (NDB)

The action programme Deutschland-Online (Germany Online) created by German federal and state governments aims at building a common communication infrastructure for the German administration. Part of this infrastructure is email routing between German federal, state and local authorities, based on a central routing table provided by the NDB (formerly DOI). With NoSpamProxy® Encryption, authorities have an automated solution for the maintenance and implementation of routing at their disposal.

isarpatent is relies on NoSpamProxy for their email encryption. Find below a selection from over 4.000 businesses that trust NoSpamProxy to protect their email communication:

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