• NoSpamProxy – The ideal addition to Microsoft 365

    NoSpamProxy optimises your mail security in Microsoft 365. Use the modular combination of spam and malware protection, email encryption, sending of large files and email disclaimer now.

    Microsoft 365 Mail Security Slider
  • NoSpamProxy – The ideal complement to Microsoft 365

    NoSpamProxy optimises your mail security in Microsoft 365. Use the modular combination of spam and malware protection, email encryption, sending of large files and email disclaimer now.

    Microsoft 365 Mail Security Slider

Abwehren statt Quarantäne

M365 Spam Filter without quarantine

NoSpamProxy is the perfect companion to Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and blocks dangerous mails instead of moving them to a confusing quarantine. The sender receives an non-delivery report and can react if necessary.

NoSpamProxy Encryption Icon

S/MIME 4.0 for secure email encryption

Send confidential data easily and securely with the S/MIME and PGP-based encryption solution. Benefit from automatic certificate management and relieve your IT department.

Level of Trust

Module combination for optimal mail security

The modular combination of spam protection, email encryption, sending of large files and email disclaimer enables you to achieve optimal mail security in M365. Rely on the complete package for secure email communication.

Icon Security Made in Germany

Email security made in Germany

NoSpamProxy bears the IT Security Made in Germany seal of approval and has stood for reliability and competence for more than 15 years. It meets all legal requirements and is fully GDPR-compliant.

Microsoft 365 Mail Security

NoSpamProxy – secure email communication in M365

Many companies are currently introducing Microsoft 365 as a cloud solution and part of their digital transformation. However, the shift to cloud-based and flexible working enabled by the modern workplace must not come at the expense of security or data protection. Emails are still the biggest gateway for cyber attacks. Many experts therefore recommend using additional mail security solutions such as NoSpamProxy, as Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 do not offer optimal protection and also have some disadvantages in the area of encrypted communication.

Vorteile im Überblick

  • M365 Spam filter without quarantine
  • Secure email encryption with S/MIME 4.0
  • Rapid defence against cyber attacks
  • No emails from false senders
  • No malicious links in emails
  • Malware-free email attachments
  • Compliance with all legal requirements incl. GDPR
  • Award-winning support in German and English
Microsoft 365 NoSpamProxy Mail Security EN

NoSpamProxy – the ideal complement to Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Especially in the face of increasingly complex cyber attacks, the security measures offered by Microsoft are often no longer sufficient. NoSpamProxy offers protection against spam and malware as well as secure email encryption for your M365 emails. Guaranteed security, transparency and simplicity in a mail gateway Made in Germany.

Microsoft 365 already offers classic security functions such as spam and virus protection, but these can only be adapted slightly. In contrast to NoSpamProxy, an extensive, differentiated configuration is not possible. In addition, central management – for example, of certificates for encryption – is not available. This means a considerable additional effort for IT administrators compared to NoSpamProxy.

NoSpamProxy is the ideal complement for your email security and spam protection – for optimal protection in the M365 cloud. In addition, in the area of domain security, a coordinated combination of SPF, DKIM, DMARC and DANE ensures outstanding protection against phishing attacks and spam.

Allianz für Cybersicherheit

NoSpamProxy mit besten Ergebnissen bei Virus Bulletin Test

Security made in Germany

PUR S 2021 Award Email Security

Make a smart addition to Microsoft 365 Mail Security: Email encryption as a cloud service

Microsoft 365 is an excellent basis for digital transformation. Unfortunately, however, M365 does not offer a practical and thus compliant solution for confidential email communication for at least three reasons. The solution lies in supplementing M365 – for example with the cloud service from NoSpamProxy. The gateway-based solution can be fully integrated into M365 and, with automated certificate management, is ready for use within a few hours. Further plus points: The solution stands for security made in Germany and offers award-winning support.

M365 does not provide a practical and compliant solution for confidential email communication:

  • Microsoft’s own encryption mechanism is proprietary and requires registration with the sending tenant.
  • Client-based encryption fails in practice because the correct keys are often not available when using several end devices.
  • The lack of automatic management of certificates leads to enormous administrative efforts.

„We know many products from our research activities. NoSpamProxy convinced us with its performance and usability like no other product. I can recommend NoSpamProxy as a supplement for mail security to all companies that are switching to M365.“

Oleg Ludwig, IT Manager at techconsult

NoSpamProxy Protection IconNoSpamProxy Protection

Spam protection for M365 Mail Security

  • Detailed check of the sender and receiver reputation

    Optimise your email security with 9 different checks, including SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

  • Intelligent attachment and URL management

    Use URL Safeguard to block harmful links in emails and attachments or convert them into non-critical PDF files.

  • Guaranteed security for your company

    Protect your business from malware with effective URL management, CxO fraud detection, our Core Antispam Engine and the Integrated Malware Scanner. The new AI-based 32Guards also assesses attachment and URL metadata and provides additional protection against cyberattacks.

NoSpamProxy Encryption IconNoSpamProxy Encryption

Securely encrypt emails in M365

  • GDPR-compliant through S/MIME and PGP

    Establish legal certainty and confidentiality through reliable email encryption and guarantee full GDPR compliance at the same time. NoSpamProxy Encryption is the first provider worldwide to support the S/MIME standard 4.0.

  • Send password-protected PDF files

    Send your emails and documents to recipients without S/MIME certificates or PGP keys with PDF Mail – but still securely.

  • Automatic management of your certificates

    Easily integrate your S/MIME certificates into NoSpamProxy Cloud and encrypt your entire email communication. With Managed Certificates you automate the creation and renewal of your certificates.

NoSpamProxy Encryption IconNoSpamProxy Large Files

Send large attachments by mail

  • Send large files

    Send large files directly from the email client without media disruption – TLS-encrypted via your own server.

  • Relieve your infrastructure

    Save bandwidth, avoid multiple archiving of files in Outlook folders and reduce backup costs.

  • Web portal for external recipients

    Allow external communication partners to use the Web Portal and send large attachments via the same procedure.

NoSpamProxy Disclaimer IconNoSpamProxy Disclaimer

Create email disclaimers easily

  • Design effortlessly without specialist knowledge

    Create and design email disclaimers for campaigns, trade fairs or products easily and flexibly.

  • More legal certainty

    Automatically comply with corporate guidelines in the disclaimer and appear with a uniform corporate design.

  • Permanent relief for your IT department

    Everyone in the company can manage your email disclaimers – and your IT can use the time gained to implement other projects.

NoSpamProxy Cloud Logo

NoSpamProxy Cloud.

Simple and secure protection
your email infrastructure.

NoSpamProxy Cloud is the flexible, cloud-based Email security gateway for managing your Email infrastructure. Simple and secure – for uncompromising security with minimal effort for your IT department. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you are ready to go right away and benefit from particularly intuitive operation, automatic updates and high availability and scalability.

NoSpamProxy Server Logo

NoSpamProxy Server.

The comprehensive solution for
security and Email encryption.

NoSpamProxy Server is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to ensure your email security on-premises. For comprehensive protection against ransomware, malware and spam, as well as for encrypting emails. Seven times the award for the Professional User Rating of techconsult GmbH – especially in the areas of performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

Over 4,000 companies entrust the security of their email communication to NoSpamProxy.

“The level of trust filter is an excellent idea. It stops known spammers very reliably and ensures that Emails from our regular correspondence partners are guaranteed to be delivered.”

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT at Swiss Life Select

Universität Rostock Logo

„The selftaught whitelisting and the intensive use of procedures for sender reputation such as DANE, DKIM, DMARC and SPF were decisive for us in choosing NoSpamProxy. We know of no other product that combines these functions so well and can thus reduce the administrative effort and the number of helpdesk tickets so much.“

Jörg Maletzky, IT Administration at ITMZ of Universität Rostock

Logo WWK Versicherungen

„With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign, we were able to easily implement the requirements of the GDPR for data protection-compliant email communication. The combination of the two products reduced the effort required for roll-out and ongoing administration to a minimum.”

Marcus Bethmann, IT Systems Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Versicherungsgruppe

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