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As of now, the new version on the e-mail security gateway NoSpamProxy will be available at “Download NoSpamProxy”. Please note our general update information on our blog.

Here you can find the release notes

What new features does the new version offer?

In version 12.1, the new features are mostly included in the module NoSpamProxy Encryption. With Open Keys, a service that operates independently from the gateway software was first developed. Open Keys is a public key server that runs in Azure and is freely accessible to anyone. Open Key was integrated into the gateway software as LAB feature. After the activation, it is, for one thing, possible to configure Open Keys as key server for querying currently unknown public keys. On the other hand, one’s own public keys can be published in Open Keys at the touch of a button.

Until now, it was only possible to connect NoSpamProxy to the standard Office 365 tenant.NoSpamProxy 12.1. now extensively supports the German Office 365 environment.

Another milestone is the implementation of the Sandbox of our long-standing partner Cyren. However, this is only usable as LAB feature, and temporarily only upon invitation by Net at Work.
Furthermore, there are also many of other functions and function extensions.

To gain a complete picture of all improvements, please read the release notes about NoSpamProxy 12.1

Here you can find the release notes