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In the second attempt: new update for NoSpamProxy version 12 available now

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The latest version of our gateway solution NoSpamProxy is now available at „Download NoSpamProxy“. Therewith, you can meet the requirements of your clients insofar as email security in a Microsoft environment even better and easier.

Sender Reputation
The latest version of NoSpamProxy offers more security due to its multilevel system for the detection of the sender reputation. For this purpose, NoSpamProxy overall combines nine different tests. Among the most important are the tests of SPF, DKIM and DMARC that can undoubtedly reveal whether a mail comes from the specified sender. As one of the first providers Net at Work makes use of the DMARC entry for verification. With a DMARC entry, the sending domain can determine what quality criteria a mail must feature. NoSpamProxy accordingly evaluates that information. Those new methods are combined with the proven NoSpamProxy Level-of-Trust concept that is based on a self-learning, automatic White-Listing.

Harmless X-Ray Vision for email Attachments
Another important potential for the combat of malware lies in the handling of email attachments. NoSpamProxy version 12 offers a new rule-based function, that automatically transforms Excel or Word attachments into uncritical PDF files. Thereby, the potentially malicious code stays out. That way, the recipients assuredly receives a harmless attachment. In the PDF document is to be found an intro page with individual indications for the reason of conversion and – if desired – also a link to the original document that is situated in quarantine. In this way, the user obtains an overview of the content of the attachments.

In addition to those functions, NoSpamProxy version 12 offers a wide range of other improvements in detail:

Use the Web Portal without invitation
An external communication partner can now write an email with an attachment on the Web Portal to an internal recipient and does not need an invitation anymore.

Different settings for files transferred via WebPortal
It is now possible to adjust the settings so that certain files cannot be accepted as attachment but via the web portal. For this purpose, the sender of the file must have a reaction link or must use the new function of the Web Portal to directly send a Web Portal mail to an internal recipient.

Implement Phishtank.com as an additional SURBL list
Phishtank.com is another URL blocklist within the SURBL filters. This list is used by, for instance Microsoft.

Apply content filtering to files in ZIP archives
ZIP archives can be opened to a configurable depth and the rules of the content filter are also being applied. It is individually configurable, how NoSpamProxy must deal with those passwords protected ZIP archives.

ASN.1 module for encryption and signing
With its self-written ASN.1 module, NoSpamProxy is even more independent from Windows. Encryption is now carried out by NoSpamProxy. That concludes further parameter settings, e.g. the Padding procedure (RSA 1.5 vs RSA OAEP).

Simple word filter implementation
There is an extension for the word filter, that works much faster. In this modus though no wildcards are being accepted. NoSpamProxy simply looks for the given word.

Revamp message tracking
The message tracking data are now being filed in another format in the database. This is possible due to the extension of the search option in GIU. Furthermore, searching in general is now faster. Access to the message tracking can now take place via MS Excel, MS PowerBI or another ODATA client.

Tracking of rejected mail addresses
All rejected emails in the message tracking can now be saved at the touch of a button. This includes both, rejected emails because of an invalid recipient and not authorized, internal senders.

Autodetect encoding in message headers
When there is a wrong coding in the subject line, NoSpamProxy now tries to “guess” those and to correctly display and evaluate them.

Implement Cyren IP-Reputation Service
In addition to the Cyren anti-spam filter and Cyren Premium AntiVirus Action, the Cyren IP-Reputaion Service can be implemented as a filter for the valuation of emails. In addition to the RBL blacklist queries and to the reputation filter, incoming messages can be rated even more effectively regarding their source.

New SMS Provider “CMTELECOM”
CMTELECOM will be integrated as a new SMS provider.

BATV spport in Level of Trust and content filtering
NoSpamProxy looks for BATV features in a senders’ address and ignores those in the application of Level of Trust and content filtering.

Enable / Disable content filtering in rule
It is now possible to switch content filtering on or off per rule. Therefore, it is possible, for example to make exceptions for IP addresses.

Add “Protected Sky RBL”
A new “Protected Sky” by RBL will be implemented and included in the standard configuration.

Configure Level of Trust behavior in case of domain mismatch
If there is a difference between the address in the envelope and in the header, Level of Trust uses the header data by default. This can be converted so that NoSpamProxy only looks at the envelope data, as it was the case in version 11.0.

Latest CTASD Version
NoSpamProxy 12.0 provides the latest CTASD versions by Cyren, to further increase the detection rate and stability.

Connection History in Message Tracking
NoSpamProxy safes all delivery attempts, that are made within the email delivery, in the message tracking. This enormously simplifies troubleshooting.

Update Notes
A direct process is possible since version 11 to version 12. In this knowledge base article, you’ll find information about the order of the best practice upgrade. The update of older versions is possible through intermediate stages that are described in this knowledge base article. Version 12 requires at least a SQL Server 2008R2 or newer. For performance reasons, it is recommended to switch to the SQL Server 2016. With the release of NoSpamProxy Version 12, the support for Version 9.2 ends. All versions from 10.x remain in the support. Please note that you can only update a current installation, if a valid maintenance agreement exited till the 15.04.2017.