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Important information for all energy supplier customers!

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As of January 1,2018, many energy suppliers have converted the solutions they use for EDI message exchange to the encrypted communication required by the EDI@Energy Directive. Afterwards a significant proportion of incoming mails could not be decrypted by NoSpamProxy and was either rejected or not delivered.

Our development and support team works on the known problems with high pressure. We will provide the affected customers with a new version at short notice. Different cryptographic libraries are used from the encryption solutions and the RFC of the standard allows different interpretations in some areas. Despite a complete evaluation of the parameters contained in the messages, some of the sample mails provided to us by affected customers showed up constellations in sending systems that NoSpamProxy could not process.  This has not yet happened. As far as we received samples, these have already been included in the corrections.

If you should be affected by this problem, please send us examples of such e-mails at support@nospamproxy.de We will treat them confidentially in accordance with our privacy policy, use them only for testing purposes and then delete them completely.

We will inform you as soon as we are able to provide a correspondingly extended new version and apologize for any problems.