Beta version for NoSpamProxy 13.2 is available

The official beta phase for NoSpamProxy 13.2 will start on April 3, 2020. Interested customers now have a unique opportunity to get to know the new features before the official release.

With the new version NoSpamProxy 13.2 also come numerous new features and improvements to give our partners and customers the opportunity to test the new improvements even before the official release, we offer you the possibility to become a beta tester.

What innovations do you expect?

  • 4 new reputation filter tests that focus only on the sender. This increases security against fake sender information.
  • 1 new reputation filter test that verifies that the email came over a TLS-protected connection. If the connection was not protected, malus points can now be awarded.
  • DFN CA Connector: Companies and public institutions that obtain certificates from the DFN CA can now do this directly with NoSpamProxy.
  • URLs in emails can be disabled with URL Safeguard.

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