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    Leverage the potential of metadata to detect threat patterns faster and respond to cyberattacks in a highly targeted manner with 32 Guards. The service focuses on the German-speaking region. Become part of an ever-growing anti-malware intelligence now!

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Growing anti-malware intelligence

32Guards, unlike traditional cybersecurity solutions, takes a global approach to analyzing the current threat landscape. The anti-malware service aggregates and evaluates email metadata.

Protection against the latest threats

32Guards detects new malware trends, new types of spam attacks and cyber threats of all kinds in the shortest possible time and is constantly learning. This means you are optimally protected against the latest threats.

Focus on metadata from DACH region

The 32Guards database is composed of metadata from the German-speaking region. The service thus offers optimal protection custom-tailored to the requirements of companies from the DACH region.

Ready to use without configuration

You can use 32Guards immediately without configuration. The anti-malware service is available in both NoSpamProxy Server and NoSpamProxy Cloud and is active by default.

Anti Malware Intelligence

With 32Guards.

Cyberattacks have become part of everyday life for businesses around the world – and 82 percent of all cyberattacks occur via email.* The threat landscape is also constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for traditional approaches to cybersecurity to respond quickly and effectively. We developed the 32Guards service to complement the award-winning NoSpamProxy security solution, providing the best possible protection against spam, ransomware, spyware and malware.

  • Best possible protection against cyber attacks
  • Growing anti-malware intelligence
  • Real-time protection against threats
  • Global analysis approach
  • Threat pattern detection
  • Sandbox as an additional layer of protection
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Configuration-free operation
  • Developed by NoSpamProxy

Recognize patterns, ward off threats

Cyber attacks are carefully prepared and planned, and the quality of phishing emails is becoming very high. At first and often at second glance, many of these emails appear authentic and encourage people to open attachments. 32Guards detects contaminated attachments and blocks the file or adjusts the spam probability rating (Spam Confidence Level) accordingly. Not only that: 32Guards also learns the patterns behind such attacks and can respond to them faster and more specifically over time and as the number of 32Guards users grows.

Optimally protected with 32Guards

New malware trends, new types of spam attacks and emerging threats of all kinds are detected by 32Guards in the shortest possible time. And 32Guards is constantly learning: The growing database makes it possible to constantly improve the service and adapt it to the current threat situation. At the same time, the use of 32Guards is configuration-free, fully DSGVO-compliant and data-efficient.

What makes 32Guards so powerful?

32Guards is so powerful because, unlike conventional cybersecurity solutions, it takes a global approach to analyzing current threat situations: The information of the individual NoSpamProxy instances – for example, file name, file size or hash value – is combined by a higher-level malware intelligence and evaluated in real time. This allows a fast analysis of threats and thus also an immediate reaction to acute danger situations.

32Guards Sandbox

The 32Guards Sandbox Service analyzes files and the so-called command-and-control traffic, i.e. the data exchange between an infected computer and its “master” on the network. Before a file is uploaded to the sandbox by NoSpamProxy, NoSpamProxy creates a hash value and asks the sandbox whether it already knows the hash. If the hash is known, it also asks whether the hash is good or bad.

“Currently, 32Guards evaluates around 10 million emails with 5 million attachments and 125 million links from German-speaking regions every week. This enormous database enables us to identify and respond to developments and trends at an early stage. 32Guards takes care of the particularly difficult cases and thus complements the protection provided by NoSpamProxy perfectly.”

Dr. Tim Lenzen, Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Tim Lenzen

Dynamic and flexible thanks to the cloud

32Guards is cloud-based and can therefore react dynamically to a wide variety of scenarios. In addition, it is thus possible to further develop 32Guards continuously and flexibly. The threat assessment by 32Guards is based on metadata, with the respective NoSpamProxy instance sending the relevant data for each processed email to the service. In response, NoSpamProxy receives a threat assessment. The metadata collected in this way is continuously analyzed using Big Data-based algorithms.

More than 6,000 companies entrust the security of their email communication to NoSpamProxy.

“The level of trust filter is an excellent idea. It stops known spammers very reliably and ensures that Emails from our regular correspondence partners are guaranteed to be delivered.”

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT at Swiss Life Select

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“The self-learning whitelisting and the intensive use of procedures for sender reputation such as DANE, DKIM, DMARC and SPF were decisive for us in choosing NoSpamProxy. We don’t know of any other product that combines these functions so well and can thus reduce the administrative effort and the number of helpdesk tickets so much.”

Jörg Maletzky, IT Administrator at ITMZ, Universität of Rostock

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“With NoSpamProxy and GlobalSign we were able to easily implement the requirements of the EU-DSGVO for data protection compliant Email communication. The combination of the two products reduced the roll-out and ongoing administration effort to a minimum.”

Marcus Bethmann, IT Systems Administrator Groupware & Identity Services at WWK Versicherungsgruppe

What metadata does 32Guards collect?

The 32Guards service is based on the give-and-take principle: In order to receive protection from 32Guards, it is necessary to share relevant metadata. The data is then used to assess the specific email and for further analysis of the current threat situation.

The metadata collected by the service is not shared with third parties and is processed in a DSGVO-compliant manner on servers of the leading hyperscaler in Germany. The metadata service is an in-house development of the NoSpamProxy team and is exclusively developed in Germany. In the following overview you will find some of the collected metadata.

32Guards Metadata

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NoSpamProxy Cloud.

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NoSpamProxy Cloud is the flexible, cloud-based email security gateway for managing your email infrastructure. Simple and secure – for uncompromising security with minimal effort for your IT department. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you are ready to go right away and benefit from particularly intuitive operation, automatic updates and high availability and scalability.

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NoSpamProxy Server.

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NoSpamProxy Server is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to ensure your email security on-premises. For comprehensive protection against ransomware, malware and spam, as well as for encrypting emails. Five times the award for the Professional User Rating of techconsult GmbH – especially in the areas of performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

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*Study of the BSI from April 2016