Take advantage of the price advantage now to replace Symantec Mail Security products!

The time of waiting is over! It’s been over six months since Broadcom acquired Symantec products – including the Symantec Mail Security products – originally developed mostly by Brightmail and one of the most popular mail security products. Customers and resellers complain about problems to extend existing licenses, new functions are hardly or not at all provided. Meanwhile, we are seeing new attack scenarios that require constant development of mail security products. There is also a lack of migration options to transfer complex configurations from discontinued product versions to still supported versions. For customers this means the same or even higher effort than the introduction of a new mail security product.

Many Symantec customers have been waiting, but the majority of contracts are due for renewal in the second half or at the end of the year. Take the opportunity to offer your customersNoSpamProxy as a particularly powerful product Made in Germany to replace existing Symantec Mail Security products (Symantec Messaging Gateway, E-Mail Gateway Encryption or E-Mail Security Cloud). Take advantage of our attractive Competitive Upgrade Program and receive an additional 25% on your purchase conditions. And if you haven’t yet considered our Competitive Upgrade Program: it is not limited in time and can of course also be used to replace other email security products. In addition, we give Symantec customers up to 3 months remaining term for a change before 31.12.2020, if a replacement is to or can take place earlier. Project resources are not always available at the right time. This means that you can replace Symantec Email Security at your customer’s site 3 months before the end of the contract period and they will not be charged twice during this time. Take advantage of our experience from many successful replacements and contact us at any time for sales and technical support!

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