Net at Work partners with new distributor Fokus MSP for NoSpamProxy

NoSpamProxy expands Fokus MSP’s range of services to include managed services for email security from the cloud. New distributor offers system houses convincing expertise and selected portfolio for managed services.

Net at Work GmbH, the manufacturer of the modular secure mail gateway solution NoSpamProxy from Paderborn, Germany, announces that it has entered into a sales partnership with the newly founded managed services distributor Fokus MSP. Fokus MSP will distribute the entire NoSpamProxy service portfolio, focusing primarily on the cloud offering as well as on system houses and other resellers offering managed services. With this, the made in Germany security solution expands its market coverage through another distribution channel.

Flexible licensing models and competent support

Fokus MSP was by Stefan Steuer and Matthias Mahnel. Their detailed knowledge of the market and enormous expertise already make the start-up, which was only founded in spring 2021, a promising new player. With the claim of placing a strong focus on functioning processes at the system houses it serves, Fokus MSP wants to merge proven mechanisms with modern approaches and solutions. To this end, the company promotes integrations within its own portfolio and with the solutions of the system house, flexible licensing and operator models as well as fast, competent support.

„When selecting our solutions, we pay attention to many aspects such as integration options and practicality. It is not for nothing that NoSpamProxy has been winning the independent user ranking of techconsult for years. It inspires its users with simplicity and performance. Both are also important factors for MSPs when selecting products. We are very pleased to be able to include NoSpamProxy in our portfolio, a product for email security that perfectly suits our MSPs and their customers.

With NoSpamProxy Cloud, Fokus MSP is expanding its portfolio with a solution for the best possible email security and practical encryption as an easy-to-book service. NoSpamProxy Cloud offers comprehensive protection against spam and malware as well as current forms of attack such as phishing and CEO fraud through detailed checking of the sender and recipient reputation with more than 20 different checks. The intelligent attachment and URL management blocks harmful links in emails and attachments or converts them into non-critical PDF files. The email encryption, which is as secure as it is practical, establishes legal security and confidentiality while guaranteeing full GDPR compliance. Even recipients without an encryption infrastructure can be reached securely with password-protected PDF files.

Maximum security without installation

A unique selling point is the Private Stack option: company emails then are processed in their own instance and thus meet the highest security requirements. Side effects of multi-tenant environments such as IP blacklisting or limitations in processing performance due to load peaks are thus avoided. NoSpamProxy Cloud can be used immediately without installation and customers benefit without lengthy know-how development and a long project runtime. They receive maximum protection through configuration that is always up-to-date. There are no high initial investments for software and hardware. The low monthly costs can be calculated absolutely transparently and the solution scales easily with the actual demand. The customers’ internal IT is relieved and can immediately devote itself to value-creating projects.

„The agility and enormous content expertise of Fokus MSP convinced us. For many system houses and resellers, the future will lie in managed services and with our products and services we offer an optimal basis for this. We are very pleased that Fokus MSP is offering its resellers access to the growth market of email security as a managed service based on NoSpamProxy.”

For managed service providers and system houses who want to become one, NoSpamProxy is particularly suitable due to its wide range of design options from out-of-the-box service to a fully customisable private stack option that can cover very individual requirements. This allows NoSpamProxy to grow with its customers and MSPs. As software ‘Made in Germany’, NoSpamProxy also offers the best possible support for specific requirements of the German-speaking region.

Further information on the new distributor Fokus MSP: