Mailing Large Files

Easy, safe and without any media disruptions

NoSpamProxy® Large Files allows users to send files of any size directly from their mail client. With a single click users can transmit large files that exceed the limitations of the mail server without experiencing any media disruptions. Using it is straightforward and similar to the delivery of conventional attachments. Unlike popular file transfer services, the data is provided via a customer Web server and transmitted via SSL encryption. Thus, the requirements of safety-critical business criteria and IT governance are met.

NoSpamProxy auf Windows Server

How much administration effort and headache has the Outlook notification “exceeds the maximum allowed attachment size” already caused you?

Sending large amounts of data is as easy as any other mail with NoSpamProxy Large Files. NoSpamProxy is the only Secure Mail gateway to integrate this function seamlessly with encryption, anti-spam and anti-malware email security features.

The regularly published reports from the Radicati Group on global email usage show that the average file size that users want to send via email systems as large files (large mail attachments) increases dramatically from year to year. As a result, the email infrastructure is heavily strained and sending large files with a limit is simply prohibited, or administrators treat it as an isolated case by using FTP upload / download or temporary lifting the limits based on individual requests. How much work has this notification already caused you or your IT administration due to the limit placed by your exchange server on the size of emails?

Sharing and exchanging large files

Simply smarter sent by email

NoSpamProxy® Large Files automatically controls the upload of files onto a company-owned web portal. To do so, the attachment is replaced by a link which the recipient only needs to click. The attachment can then be easily downloaded from a website with SSL encryption. The recipient can also reply to the sender in the same manner and also upload one or more files.

Benefits of NoSpamProxy® Large Files

  • Significantly lowers load on existing email infrastructure and bandwidth
  • Higher security when transferring large files with SSL encryption
  • Avoiding multiple archiving of files in Outlook folders and reduction of backup costs
  • Complete integration into the email communication without any media disruptions, in contrast to FTP servers or cloud services
  • Configurable reply option of sending large files using the same process when replying to an email

The settings can be adjusted quickly and easily via the administration interface of NoSpamProxy® Large Files. In addition, the interface also offers reporting capabilities, for example to determine, for sales promotions, which addressees of an email campaign have downloaded the file provided.

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Complete email security even in the cloud

NoSpamProxy in the cloud, in Azure or
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In contrast to classic FTP Server NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates handling of large files in the customary email environment of our users and ensures a much higher level of security. Peter Gerfer, IT-Systems Engineer at Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag

How does NoSpamProxy Large Files work?

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Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag is convinced about efficiency and simplicity to exchange large files with NoSpamProxy. Please find below a selection from 1,500 businesses that trust NoSpamProxy to protect their email communications:


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