• Automatic certificate management.
    With Managed Certificates.

    With Managed Certificates, you can automatically acquire, distribute, and manage S/MIME certificates, including certificate renewals.

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    Automatisiertes Zertifikatsmanagement Managed Certificates
  • Automatic certificate management.
    With Managed Certificates.

    With Managed Certificates, you can automatically acquire, distribute, and manage S/MIME certificates, including certificate renewals.

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    Automatisiertes Zertifikatsmanagement Managed Certificates

Automatisches Zertifikatsmanagement

Automatic certificate management

Acquire, distribute, manage and renew email certificates- With Managed Certificates you minimize the effort for organization-wide email encryption.

Einfache Umsetzung in wenigen Schritten

Simple implementation in just a few steps

Simply enter the TXT entry, add the user to the appropriate Active Directory group and synchronize. Managed Certificates takes care of the rest automatically.

Icon Security Made in Germany

Email Security Made in Germany

NoSpamProxy bears the seal of approval IT-Security Made in Germany, has stood for security and reliability for more than 15 years and is fully DSGVO-compliant.

Kostengünstig und skalierbar

Cost-effective and scalable

Managed Certificates has an attractive cost structure. Get qualified S/MIME certificates from a recognized, international trust center for a low price.

Automated certificate management

With Managed Certificates.

Encrypted communication is the most effective means of protecting email communication with business partners and also identifying the sender securely and unambiguously. Email encryption forms the cornerstone for data protection and legal security in companies.

Until now, acquiring, distributing and managing the email certificates required for encryption required a great deal of administrative effort. With Managed Certificates, you automate certificate management and thus reduce the effort to a minimum.

Benefits at a glance

  • Certificate management with minimal effort
  • Centralization of all necessary building blocks
  • Support for S/MIME 4.0
  • Attractive cost structure
  • Automated certificate exchange

Access all email certificates instantly.
In NoSpamProxy Cloud.

The basis for Managed Certificates is the connection to an Azure Active Directory group, which enables the automated creation and renewal of email certificates. This connection allows you to minimize the effort required for organization-wide email encryption and centralize all the necessary building blocks. But not only that: NoSpamProxy Cloud and Managed Certificates are the first provider worldwide to support the S/MIME standard 4.0. The so-called ECC certificates (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) for S/MIME 4.0 have a significantly smaller key size compared to their predecessor RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), which improves performance. They also form an important solution building block in the fight against efail.

There is no other way to set the course for a secure future for your company.

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Automatisiertes Zertifikatsmanagement Managed Certificates

„Email encryption is simple, scalable and organisation-capable with NoSpamProxy Encryption. Our solution does not require extensive end-user training and enables GDPR-compliant email communication.”

Stefan Cink, Business Unit Manager NoSpamProxy

Stefan Cink

What makes NoSpamProxy Cloud & Managed Certificates so powerful?

Over 4,000 companies rely on NoSpamProxy for the security of their email communication.

„The Level of Trust filter is an excellent idea. It stops known spammers very reliably and ensures that emails from our regular correspondence partners are guaranteed to be delivered.”

Jürgen Lalla, Head of IT at Swiss Life Select

Logo Komatsu

„Immediately after implementation, selected employees were able to send their emails encrypted in accordance with a central policy, without any changes to the way they were used to using their email client.”

Kai Schychowski, General Manager ICT at Komatsu Mining Germany

„In contrast to a classic FTP server, NoSpamProxy Large Files integrates data handling into the familiar email environment of our employees and enables a high level of security.“

Peter Gerfer, IT Systems Engineer at Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag

Allianz für Cybersicherheit

NoSpamProxy mit besten Ergebnissen bei Virus Bulletin Test

Security made in Germany

PUR S 2021 Award Email Security

Managed Certificates Automatisches Zertifikatsmanagement

Automatically acquire S/MIME certificates

The email certificate management supports user and domain certificates of any trust center and automatically imports public keys from inbound email signatures. For the simple and fast issuance of user certificates, the trust centers D-Trust, SwissSign and GlobalSign are directly integrated.

Certificate types at a glance

  • S/MIME Class 1 (Email validated)

    With this certificate type, the reachability of the email address is checked. The check is usually performed via a link sent by email to the address in the certificate request.

  • S/MIME Class 2

    The person submitting the request is entered in the S/MIME certificate after successful verification. This means that the originator of the email can also be identified when the email signature is checked.

  • S/MIME Class 3 (Org validated)

    With this certificate type, the company is also entered in the email certificate in addition to the person making the request. This makes it possible to check both the person and the respective company as the origin when signing emails.

Open Keys

Open Keys: Exchange email certificates automatically

With our free service Open Keys you can easily and quickly check whether your communication partners own certificates and publish keys yourself. Through the automated certificate management of Managed Certificates, the certificates of the recipients are automatically retrieved by Open Keys and can be used immediately for encrypting emails. There is no longer any need for the cumbersome exchange of email certificates. There is no easier way to encrypt emails.

NoSpamProxy Cloud Logo

NoSpamProxy Cloud.

Simple and secure protection
of your email infrastructure.

NoSpamProxy Cloud is the flexible, cloud-based email security gateway for managing your email infrastructure. Simple and secure, for uncompromising security with minimal effort for your IT department. With NoSpamProxy Cloud, you are ready to go instantly and benefit from intuitive handling, automatic updates and high availability and scalability.

NoSpamProxy Suite

The complete package for complete
email security

All four NoSpamProxy modules in one package: With NoSpamProxy Suite you get all the features for reliable protection against malware, ransomware and spam, secure email encryption, easy sending of large files and effortless management of email disclaimers. Extra secure, extra affordable. By purchasing NoSpamProxy Suite, you benefit from a significantly lower price compared to buying the four individual modules.

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