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To facilitate your start with NoSpamProxy, we have further developed our training concept. You now have access to on-demand-videos and innovative methods for the dynamic transfer of knowledge that will help you prepare for the design and implementation of your own projects.

NoSpamProxy – Intro
In this video, our product manager Stefan Cink gives you some information about NoSpamProxy.

NoSpamProxy: Planning the installation
This video gives you valuable tips on what you should consider and plan before installing NoSpamProxy.

NoSpamProxy: Installation on Microsoft Server
Here you can learn how easy it is to install NoSpamProxy on Microsoft Server.

NoSpamProxy: Quick setup using the configuration wizard
After installation, the configuration wizard supports the NoSpamProxy Administrator in order to set up the system quickly with a state-of-the-art configuration. In the process, important security settings are proposed as default and cannot be forgotten.

NoSpamProxy: Configuration of the e-mail routing
The video shows how to make the required settings for the e-mail routing (servers, protocols, etc.).

NoSpamProxy: Configuration of the filtering and encryption rules
This video explains the configuration of the rules for anti-spam and encryption (which e-mails from which senders should be encrypted?).

NoSpamProxy – Creating a blacklist or whitelist
This video shows how the administrator can create and administer a whitelist or blacklist.

NoSpamProxy: Message tracking
This video shows how easy it is for the administrator to track and clarify the status and history of individual e-mails in the event of user inquiries in NoSpamProxy.

NoSpamProxy Protection: Level of trust
In this video, we show how the level-of-trust filter works as well as the setting options.

NoSpamProxy Protection: Important DNS settings
Here you can find out which DNS settings are required to put NoSpamProxy into operation without problems.

NoSpamProxy Large Files: Installing the web portal
The NoSpamProxy Large Files module uses its own web portal to upload and download large e-mail attachments. This video shows the installation on Microsoft IIS.

NoSpamProxy Large Files: Configuring IIS for the web portal
The NoSpamProxy Large Files module uses its own web portal to upload and download large e-mail attachments. This video shows the installation on Microsoft IIS.

NoSpamProxy: Connecting the web portal to the e-mail gateway
This video explains the setting used to connect the web portal to the e-mail gateway.

NoSpamProxy Large Files: Configuring Outlook Add-In
Outlook Add-in allows the direct transfer of large attachments in Large Files without burdening the Exchange server. Here you can learn how to configure the Add-in for this purpose.

NoSpamProxy Protection & Large Files: Content filtering based on AD groups
This video explains how to make settings for individual users via Active Directory security groups.

NoSpamProxy Protection & Large Files: Content filtering
This video explains how content filters are defined and assigned. This allows you to block e-mails with certain attachments or remove attachments from e-mails. You can also define when attachments are to be delivered via Large Files. In doing so, the rules can flexibly take into account various criteria or exceptions.

NoSpamProxy Encryption: Importing keys and certificates
This video shows how easy it is for the administrator to import PGP keys and S/MIME certificates into the NoSpamProxy gateway.

NoSpamProxy Encryption: Central encryption of e-mails
The video explains how e-mails are encrypted using PGP keys or how S/MIME certificates are encrypted for sending and how to decrypt received e-mails.

NoSpamProxy Encryption: Automatic encryption
The video explains how automatic encryption works with the web portal, if the recipient does not have their own… (the explanation is not complete here on YouTube)

NoSpamProxy: Setting up your own TLS certificate
Here you can learn how to use your own TLS certificate in NoSpamProxy.

NoSpamProxy Encryption: MPKI and automatic certificate request
Following installation of an organization certificate (MPKI), NoSpamProxy can automatically request personal user certificates from connected trust centers via an API connection and install them.

NoSpamProxy: Disclaimer – Administrative preparations
The steps required to enable disclaimer functionality in NoSpamProxy and make data from the Active Directory available to the disclaimer.

NoSpamProxy: Disclaimer – Templates and rules
This video explains the simple creation of templates for disclaimers and how to apply them to e-mails using rules.

NoSpamProxy: Champion im Professional User Rating Security Solutions 2017!

Hier geht's zum Download. Im vollständigen Research Paper von techconsult finden Sie die Detail-Bewertungen zu allen Produkten und Herstellern. Diese wurden in der herstellerunabhängigen Studie ausschließlich auf Basis von User-Ratings erstellt.
NoSpam Proxy ist Champion Professional User Rating Security 2017
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