Complete email security in the cloud
Complete email security in hybrid scenarios
Centralized management of certificates
Detailed configuration possible
No additional software installation required

Complete email security even in the cloud

NoSpamProxy in a private cloud, in Azure or as a managed service

Many organizations – for example, in the course of a planned Exchange migration – ask themselves whether they should transfer part of the email infrastructure to the cloud. NoSpamProxy provides optimal support for this scenario. Simple, flexible and secure. In many customer project, it is common practise to run Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid scenario. One part is operated On-Premises while the other part is hosted in Office 365. This scenario can also be used with NoSpamProxy. You can manage it centrally.

Vollständige E-Mail Sicherheit auch in der Cloud - mit NoSpamProxy

The email encryption, anti-spam and anti-malware functions as well as the large files function for easy and secure sending of large files are also available without restrictions in the cloud.

Thanks to its architecture, featuring a central role for configuration and control and multiple gateway roles that handle the processing of email traffic, NoSpamProxy is in a position to optimally map all the required scenarios.

As the various roles are constantly exchanged, the gateway is kept informed on all the communication relationships of an organization for the level-of-trust filter and the well-known public keys. Installation can be carried by one of our managed service provider partners on virtual servers in a private cloud, in Azure, or as a managed service.

First secure email gateway with Office365 Connector

Easily configure NoSpamProxy as a virtual email security gateway for Office 365

Although Microsoft Office 365 already offers classic security features like anti-spam and anti-virus protection at the client level, they can only be activated or deactivated respectively. Differentiated configuration is not possible and centralized management, such as of certificates for encryption, is not available. For IT administrators in enterprises, this means significant additional expenses compared to proven gateway-based solutions. To avoid the elaborate task of redirecting emails from the Microsoft cloud via a gateway in the corporate network, NoSpamProxy has itself deployed in Azure and configured as a virtual gateway within the Microsoft cloud. This way IT administrators do not have to give up the benefits of a central administration for their company’s email security. In addition, a quarantine is no longer required with NoSpamProxy. By eliminating the need of the regular check of the quarantine for potentially incorrectly blocked emails, dealing with emails is much more efficient than, for example, the classic spam filter of Office 365.

Thomas Stensitzki

Email security for Microsoft Office 365
Learn more about NoSpamProxy configuration in an Office 365 environment from Thomas Stensitzki, Managing Director of Granicus GmbH & Co KG and NoSpamProxy partner.

The classic case – the hybrid scenario

NoSpamProxy can easily be used in a hybrid scenario

In many companies it is a common practice to operate Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid scenario. One part is operated on-premises while the other part is hosted in the cloud. This scenario can be precisely represented and managed centrally with NoSpamProxy.

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techconsult with NoSpamProxy

NoSpamProxy, Azure and Office 365 increase email security and efficiency at techconsult

As an established research and analysis company, techconsult conducts a variety of projects each year on analysis, market research, and consulting, placing significant demands on the dynamics of internal IT. This includes a constantly changing number of study-specific websites, benchmark systems, and databases for the daily business of internal IT. At the same time, these systems are subject to significant load fluctuations. This dynamic demands a great deal of flexibility, agility, and scalability, which techconsult successfully meets with the intensive use of the Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

Dirk Martin, Director Research & Analytics Mitglied der Geschäftsführung

“Secure, confidential communication with our customers and the ICT users and decisionmakers we interview is vital for our business. This matter was very important to us when we changed to Office 365 and we are delighted to have found a reliable cloud solution in NoSpamProxy.”

Dirk Martin, Director Research & Analytics and member of the board of directors at techconsult

Ready for Office 365

This is how NoSpamProxy works in the cloud

NoSpamProxy is very easy to integrate into Office 365 and cloud scenarios. Move the cursor over the red hot buttons and learn more.

Logo Microsoft Azure Certified
NoSpamProxy animation

When receiving e-mails, NoSpamProxy checks (in addition to the standard filter technologies) whether the sender maintains SPF, DKIM or DMARC records, and includes the result in its evaluation of e-mails.


Via the Office 365 Connector, NoSpamProxy has itself configured in such a manner that Office 365 sends e-mails to NoSpamProxy and delivers these e-mails to Office 365 after application of the security function.


Secure transmission of e-mails to the client with TLS encryption.


All e-mail clients securely receive their e-mails.

Logo ALSO Cloud Marketplace

NoSpamProxy in the ALSO security portfolio

Since October 2016, all partners can purchase NoSpamProxy through our distribution partner ALSO. As a registered ALSO retail partner, you do not require any additional access and can order NoSpamProxy directly from the B2B marketplace or from the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. Especially for our authorized partners, with ALSO we offer improved support with the distribution and use of NoSpamProxy.

Tec Networks with NoSpamProxy

Secure operation of IT infrastructures. Targeted and fail-safe scaling at all times.

Tec Networks is an innovative IT services company based in Emden, with a rapidly growing clientele across Germany. Tec Networks has focused on Microsoft-based products and is benefiting from the rapidly growing market for changing from on-premise IT to cloud-based hosted / managed services. In addition to offering NoSpamProxy as a managed service, Tec Networks’ portfolio includes Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure offers.

Björn Steineke

“Centralized management, active directory synchronization and easily-developed rules and policies facilitate implementing the requirements of our customers, while allowing us to ensure best practice protection in the cloud.”

Björn Steineke, Managing Director of Tec Networks
and NoSpamProxy MSP Partner

Tec Networks is impressed by NoSpamProxy. Below is a selection from over 2.000 companies who entrust the security of their email communications to NoSpamProxy

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