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Faster access to innovative new features

Under the name NoSpamProxy LAB, we provide our customers the option of using new and innovative features on request before they become part of future releases. Although the LAB functions have already been tested and run smoothly, they have not yet been released to the general public. Innovative features and ideas can thus be made available more quickly without compromising the requirements of the strongly growing customer base for a high level of security and software quality. Feel free to use this new service and the function currently available in LAB mode, such as the new CDR function (X-ray image function) or ICAP support.


  • ICAP filter interface

    Many companies are already using an AV scanner, and a few providers have a so-called ICAP interface. It can be addressed from NoSpamProxy using this filter. Testing has to date, been performed using Avira and the Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance.

  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction for PDF documents

    Active content, like JavaScript or Flash) are removed from PDF documents. Once this feature is enabled you can select to disarm PDF documents in the content filter actions. Right to the checkboxes to disarm Office documents, there is a new checkbox to disarm PDF documents. Disarmed documents are, just like disarmed Office docuemnts, prefaced with a page explaining the modifications. Additionally, the original document can either be discarded or put in quarantine.

  • Extended Header-From validation

    The Reputation filter was extended to perform additional tests with regards to the ‘Header-From’ address. Instead of checking whether the from address is an internal sender using an exact domain match, similar writings are also checked. For external sender addresses, the filter also checks for an MX or A record for the domain. The new checks are active if the test “Header-From a local address” is enabled.

  • A new tab “Compliance” was added to the “Sign and Encrypt” and “Validate and Decrypt” actions. On these tabs you can enable the EDI@Energy feature. On inbound mails, this feature adds a compliance report which is visible on the message tracking details. Additionally, non-compliant mails can either be routed to a clearing mailbox or be rejected. On outbound mails, this feature ensures that only valid encryption and hash algorithms are used.

  • OpenKeys

    Open Key is a web browser or LDAP accessible collection of public keys. Open Keys aggregates with many different sources, for instance the EBCA key server and Trustcenter, such as the Bundesdruckerei and SwissSign.

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