NoSpamProxy LAB

Faster access to innovative new features

The NoSpamProxy LAB offers customers the chance to access new and innovative features before they become part of regular releases. All LAB features have been thoroughly tested to guarantee smooth operation. For us, the LAB is the ideal way to make new ideas and features available more quickly without compromising software quality and the security of your constantly growing customer base.

LAB Features

  • ICAP filter interface

    Many companies already use anti-virus scanners, and some providers offer a so-called ICAP interface. This interface can accessed directly from NoSpamProxy. Currently, Avira and Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance are supported.

  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction for PDF documents

    Active content such as JavaScript or Flash is removed from PDF documents. Once this feature is enabled you can select to disarm PDF documents in the content filter actions. Next to the checkboxes for disarming Office documents, there is a new checkbox to disarm PDF documents. Disarmed documents, just like disarmed Office documents, prefaced with a page explaining the modifications. Additionally, the original document can either be discarded or put into quarantine.

  • Extended Header-From validation

    The reputation filter has been enhanced to perform additional tests with regards to the ‘Header-From’ address. Instead of only checking for exact matches, similarities between sender addresses and local domains are also taken into account. For external sender addresses, the filter also checks for an MX or A record for the domain. The new checks are automatically activated if the test “Header-From a local address” is enabled.

  • A new tab “Compliance” was added to the “Sign and Encrypt” and “Validate and Decrypt” actions. These tabs allow users to enable the EDI@Energy capability. For inbound mails, this feature adds a compliance report which can be accessedfrom the message tracking view. Additionally, non-compliant emails can either be routed to a clearing mailbox or be rejected. For outbound mails, this feature ensures that only valid encryption and hash algorithms are used.

  • OpenKeys

    Open Keys is a web browser or LDAP accessible collection of public keys. Open Keys aggregates with many different sources, for instance the EBCA key server and Trustcenter, such as the Bundesdruckerei and SwissSign.

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