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Flexible and easy to use

Company-wide customising of email disclaimers often fails because it can only be performed by the IT department. In many cases, opportunities to promote new products or events are missed due to a lack of capacity of these departments and their inability to meet the requirements of the marketing department.

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The Disclaimer option now adds this frequently requested feature to the popular email gateway NoSpamProxy. By adding Disclaimer to their existing NoSpamProxy installation, customers bypass the need to install additional software on their Exchange server.

Exchange server version-independent
The disadvantage of many disclaimer solutions directly installed on the email server or Exchange server is the need to update in case of an Exchange migration. This requires a new purchase, reinstallation and reconfiguration. Since the NoSpamProxy Disclaimer option operates as a stand-alone gateway independently of the email server used, no or considerably lower costs arise if an email server migration is performed.

Easy-to-use web interface

NoSpamProxy’s Disclaimer option includes a web interface that marketing department employees can use to independently manage, design and customise disclaimers.

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Pick from a selection of templates to quickly create disclaimers.

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Create your customised disclaimer for departments, campaigns, trade fairs and more.

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Specify conditions for the use of disclaimers.

Ensure legal certainty

Support corporate policies
Many companies use the email disclaimer function (often called email signature function) of email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, or the email server, such as Microsoft Exchange. It is then up to the users to correctly implement the text or graphics predefined by the corporate communication or marketing department. These are then often arbitrarily modified, which results in the company lacking a uniform corporate image. The consequences are however even more dramatic when, for example, liability clauses are not applied and this in turn results in claims for damages by third parties.

Minimise administrative effort

Relieve IT administration
The NoSpamProxy Disclaimer option puts an end to the battle between marketing and IT for ensuring rapid implementation of an important, inexpensive and very effective marketing tool. The biggest customer benefit for companies is often also that it relieves the IT administration of the burden of implementing the marketing ideas for disclaimers. The resulting saved time can be used to implement other important projects, thereby increasing the agility of IT and your company.

Design simple and flexible company-wide disclaimers

Rapid implementation without technical expertise

Independent of Exchange server versions

Available without additional software installation

Optimized support of corporate policies

Over 2.000 companies rely on NoSpamProxy to ensure the security of their email communication.

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