NoSpamProxy Summer School

How to build up an effective security strategy!

As a security expert, you have a great deal of responsibility and also have your hands full. With our Summer School we offer in entertaining special trainings with many practical examples, for the necessary knowledge. The aim of our security training courses is to give you an understanding of the special IT security topics. Register now and save your place. Register now and save your place.

The number of participants per course is limited to 10.

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How to improve the sender reputation with DMARC and Co.

Tuesday, 08/24/2021 | 09:00 – 13:00
Wednesday, 09/01/2021 | 13:00 – 17:00

Location: Online

You will learn the basic concepts and meaning of sender reputation. You will then keep an eye on your Sender Score and update your settings to make sure that you are especially safe and trustworthy as a sender for recipients.

Sören Beiler

Sören Beiler

Senior Presales System Engineer | NoSpamProxy
Alexander Krabbe

Alexander Krabbe

Presales System Engineer | NoSpamProxy


  • What is SPF, DKIM and DMARC?

  • How and in what order do I set this up?

  • Should I be afraid that my Email traffic will be disturbed?

  • What is DMARC "light"?

  • How do I analyze the results?

  • How do I make sure that newsletters or other email services sent on behalf of our organization are compliant?

How to optimize your support performance with Advanced Troubleshooting

Wednesday, 08/25/2021 | 09:00 – 13:00
Tuesday, 08/31/2021 | 13:00 – 17:00

Location: Online

In this online seminar you will learn methods and tools that you need to support NoSpamProxy. In a practical part you will learn how to use the tools and will be able to react effectively to support incidents in the future. In a practical part you will learn how to use the tools and will be able to react effectively to support incidents in the future.

Sören Beiler

Sören Beiler

Senior Presales System Engineer | NoSpamProxy
Thomas Glöckner

Thomas Glöckner

Support Engineer | NoSpamProxy


  • Solve problems during operation yourself. How do I find out what was an error in the mail processing?

  • What do the different filters mean and how do I assign a triggered filter correctly?

  • How do I create a whitelist? How do I allow relaying via my NoSpamProxy?

  • Correctly identify and report false positives and false negatives. My database is full, what can I do quickly?

  • The synchronization in the cluster no longer works, how do I solve the problem?

  • My NoSpamProxy offers me an update, but I am still on an old version, is there anything to consider? Advanced Logging and analyze a message track or SVC log yourself.

  • I have a problem and need a quick solution, what can I provide directly to support to get help faster?

  • Correct or create permissions in the database. Moving an SQL instance or a NoSpamProxy server.

  • I’m still on a Windows Server 2012 and want to upgrade to 2016 or 2019, is an inplace upgrade possible?

  • Why can a mail not be encrypted or decrypted?

  • Handling of S/Mime and PGP certificates.

How to configure a powerful Email security solution sensibly

Friday, 08/27/2021 | 09:00 – 13:00
Thursday, 09/02/2021 | 13:00 – 17:00

Location: Online

You will get to know the weak points of Email security and will be able to look at causes and gaps and learn about the risks and forms of protection.

Sören Beiler

Sören Beiler

Senior Presales System Engineer | NoSpamProxy
Dr. Tim Lenzen

Dr. Tim Lenzen

Data Analyst | NoSpamProxy


  • Overview of the current threat situation.

  • Project Heimdall explains and how AI based protection can help all NoSpamProxy customers

  • Set up URL Safeguard correctly.

  • Useful content filtering.

  • Run NoSpamProxy like a firewall.

  • The pros and cons of leaving cryptography to the client.

  • How do I set up NoSpamProxy Encryption on my system.

  • Integrate a managed PKI and roll out the key material through the system.

  • It’s time for an Email policy.

  • Best practice approaches.

  • Create exceptions for certain recipients or senders.

  • Recognize dangers as mailadmin and assign them correctly in order to banish them.

  • How does the NoSpamProxy get encryption certificates from my communication partners.

  • Enforce a signature or encryption through the rulebook.

  • The different ways to control the encryption functions by a user or by the system

E-mail encryption from the ground up

Thursday, 08/26/2021 | 13:00 – 17:00
Friday, 09/03/2021 | 09:00 – 13:00

Location: Online

Learn in this online session what different ways of email encryption are available and how to easily introduce NoSpamProxy as encryption solutions. With a small setting, you can speed up the use of your users enormously. The generation and management of keys, as well as the certificate-free encryption.

Sören Beiler

Sören Beiler

Senior Presales System Engineer | NoSpamProxy


  • Why should data be protected and how can authenticity be confirmed?

  • What exactly is a key pair and why is it called the key pair in the first place?

  • What is a PKI and what are the forms?

  • Deliver proof of authenticity by means of a cryptographic signature: how does a signature work.

  • By encrypting the data, prevent a subsequent change: how does modern encryption work?

  • Two standards, S/Mime and PGP, which could hardly be more opposite.

  • Problems that can occur with signatures or encryption.

  • Hen egg problem with email encryption.

  • Querying public key servers.

  • How do I set up email signatures or encryption on a client like Outlook or Thunderbird.


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