Stefan Cink beim Workshop unter dem Titel „Catch me if you can“

NoSpamProxy On The IT-SECURITY Management & Technology Conference 2017 In Cologne

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Stefan Cink hält Vortrag auf Vogel IT Conference in Köln

Last Thursday, the NoSpamProxy team held a workshop with the title “Catch me if you can” at the Vogel IT. In the special location of the RheinEnergie sation in cologne, Stefan Cink ,product manager for NoSpamProxy, demonstrated in real time how simple it is to fool customers, employees and leaders with simulated email addresses and to cause extensive financial damage.

Of cause, he then revealed how companies can protect themselves from this worst-case scenario:

“In this workshop I can show how easy hackers can imitate even critical identities like those from PayPal, and cause damage,” says Stefan.

NoSpamProxy Produktmanager Stefan Cink im RheinEnergieStadion auf der Vogel IT Conference in Köln

NoSpamProxy Product Manager Stefan Cink in RheinEnergieStadion on the IT-SECURITY Management & Technology Conference 2017

“And I can show how companies can easily protect themselves from attacks with well-developed tools like NoSpamProxy. And I illustrate exactly this option in my workshop.“

The IT-SECURITY Management & Technology Conference 2017 gives an unique overview of today’s trends and technologies and supports the decisions with which proven and innovative technologies organizations can be lead ‘cyber-safely’ into the future.

If you want to update your knowledge concerning email security, you still have the chance to visit one or our workshops at the Vogel-IT on the following dates:

27.06. Munich  |  29.06. Hanau  |  13.07. Hamburg

(The workshops will be held in German only.)

If you are not running NoSpamProxy yet and are interested in our Live-Hackings, put your email-security level on the test and send us an e-mail to with the subject ‘Catch me if you can’. We will the send you an advanced notice like in a pen test, and inform you afterwards about the results. Of cause, our mail does not contain payload or damaging elements.