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On 13th June Version 11 has been released to the public. The new Disclaimer option is the key feature of this version. For the past IT departments had to provide some solutions installed directly on the Mailserver to provide a company wide footer or text signature in mails. This is no longer an issue. With NoSpamProxy you can do this on the central Gateway without the need to add something to your Mailserver.

Of course there has been a lot of improvements to existing features, too. The direct update is supported from 10.x on and will keep all your settings.

NoSpamProxy Disclaimer
By using templates in conjunction with very detailed rules a Disclaimer-Administrator can adjust the look of a mail to the corporate design. Disclaimer-Administrators don’t need to be tech-savvy users, as it is done by an easy-to-use web interface. So you can delegate this job to the marketing department or any other person which is in charge of the design of corporate media.

Adjusting color scheme and logo using GUI
From now on it is possible to select the logo and colors used in mails generated by NoSpamProxy directly in the NoSpamProxy Console.

DMARC, DKIM and SPF-Validation
NoSpamProxy can check DMARC, DKIM and SPF by adding an action to the processing rule. The results can be found in the Message Tracking. A summary of all incoming connections can be made by using Powershell. A demo script can be found at https://github.com/noSpamProxy/Reports/tree/master/get-DMARCReport.

Reciepient-based content filtering
Content filters can work on base of the designated reciepient. This allows more granular filtering than the former only sender-based content filtering.

Internal and external download links
By editing the properties of the Web Portal you can define URLs for internal and external download. This results in a better integration in more complex network structures.

Behaviour on removing attachments
If a mail breaks defined quotas you can remove all attachments. Older versions only remove attachments breaking the quota.

Upload information in mail body
If NoSpamProxy removes an attachment and upload it to the Web Portal you can define an information which will be added to mail body informing about removal.

Option to disable attaching attachments to a PDF-mail
As many mobile PDF readers don’t handle PDF attachment standard you have the option to add a link to Web Portal for downloading the desired content.

Notification if somebody does not react on invitation mails
You can send a notification to the reciever of a mail waiting for auto encryption if he does not react within a certain time. Moreover you can define a timespan how long NoSpamProxy will wait until it cancels a mail waiting for auto encryption in the NoSpamProxy Console now.

Revocation of SwissSign-certificates
It is now possible to directly revoke issued certificates within NoSpamProxy.

AES256 as standard encryption algorithm
To improve security all encrypted mails will be sent using AES256 until your communication partner signalizes he does not support such strong encryption.

Level of Trust enhancements
Our very own Level of Trust system was enchanced. Address pairing involves now all alias addresses of a sender.

New CYREN-Engine
Using NoSpamProxy 11 you will also use the latest CYREN-Engine with “Olympus”-technology. Olympus is a database covering malware for the last 25 years. So the popular reoccurance from old malware which isn’t in the detection patterns of today’s Anti Malware solution isn’t a risk for you.

Reverse DNS-validation
By checking the Pointer-DNS-Record (PTR) of an incoming IP address you can block connections as early as possible. A correct configured Reverse-DNS is a must have of today’s mailservers.

Notification of erased “Mails on hold”
There is the possibility to notifiy the sender of a mail if an administrator needs to erase a mail out of the “Mails on hold” queue.


End of Support
Please be aware support for version 9.1 or older has ended with release of NoSpamProxy 11. This version is the last to support SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 based installations. The minimum required Windows Server version is 2008 R2.