Upgrading to Version 13.0 and 13.1

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Before upgrading, please make sure that the .NET Framework is installed in version 4.7.2 and that the SQL Server version matches at least2008 R2, better 2012 or later. All supported versions can be found here.

Important note for upgrade version 12.2 and later versions

As of upgrade version 12.2.18253.1152, a script for cleaning up the message tracking is included- This script deletes orphaned entries in the database. This may cause the setup not to respond for a some time. The setup must not be aborted and must run until completed. Please schedule a longer upgrade period for this.

If the Protection module is licensed, it is possible that the Cyren services do not work and no viruses and spam checks are performed after the update to version 13, although the NoSpamProxy license itself has been correctly validated. To correct this, in the NoSpamProxy Management Console go to Configuration/NoSpamProxy Components/Gateway Roles, select the gateway role(s) and click on Synchronize configuration.

Synchronize configuration

Upgrading from version 11.1, 12.0 or 12.1

Please install at least version 12.2.18253.1152 or higher before upgrading to version 13.0. Please also refer to all upgrade articles for older versions in our Knowledge Base under General update information.

Upgrading NoSpamProxy

When upgrading from version 12.2 to version 13.0, all settings and user information are retained. Only the proxy settings and content adjustments of the template files (templates) have to be saved as usual and reinstalled after the upgrade. For security reasons please export existing DKIM keys BEFORE the upgrade from the console under “People and Identities > DKIM Keys”.

In addition, please check the following points after the upgrade:

  • Content filter: Since there were some changes to the file types (MIME Types), please check all content filters.
  • The reputation filter in the rules has been extended and allows additional checks.
  • Since the actions for malware detection have been combined in one action, please check whether all desired checks are still active in the “Malware Scanner” action.
  • LAB features that were activated via the system variable before the upgrade may have to be reconfigured after the upgrade, as these have been included in the product as official features.
    • Cyren Sandbox
    • Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) for PDF files (PDF-2-PDF)
    • The ICAP Filter  has been integrated into the Malware Scanner action
    • Advanced “Header-From” validation in the Reputation Filter
  • In a future version of NoSpamProxy,the “Direct Delivery” option for inbound send connectors will no longer be supported. We will inform you of this as of version 13 if you still have this delivery option activated.
    The following message will be displayed: Direct delivery of inbound emails is deprecated and will be removed in future versions. You should switch to queued delivery instead. This can be configured on the Email routing node. You can find more info on this in our Knowledge Base.Direct delivery deprecated
    To change this, refer to the article Switching to queued delivery in our Knowledge Base.
  • In version 13, the DKIM function has been enhanced. This adds a second key to existing DKIM keys during an upgrade. All further information can be found in the Knowledge Base article Using DKIM from version 13.
  • Extended Notifications can be activated/deactivated under “Configuration > User Notifications > Email Notifications”.

Modified license type

Starting with version 13.0, the license type has been changed from a license file to a license key. This change is performed automatically and no further action is required. Find more information in our Knowledge Base article How to install a new license.

Outlook Add-In

Gateway and Web Portal upgrades require an upgrade of the Outlook Add-In. Otherwise, communication with the Web Portal is not possible.