Updating to Version 10.1

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From Version 10

When updating from version 10 to version 10.1, all settings and user information are retained during the update.

From Version 9.2

When updating from version 9.2 to version 10.1, please note the following points.

Automatic user import

The import of ‘Active users’ has been changed to ‘Import all users as active’. This changed the behavior to match the current usage of user accounts in Microsoft Exchange Server.

Actions in rules

The action ‘Manage attachments’ was moved to the ‘Content filter’. The previous settings of the action will be lost and must be reconfigured after the update. The content filter can now manage file names, file types and sizes up to the user level. The configuration is done through the corporate users and the partners. The content filter is described in detail in the user manual.

Email flow in the rules

A rule with a email flow from a ‘corporate email address’ to a ‘corporate email address’ is disabled by the setup. This rule is no longer necessary from version 10, since the function previously covered by this rule is now covered by the default behavior of NoSpamProxy. Please check your rule set and adjust it if necessary.

Improved out-of-office response recognition

For automatic replies from your email server, such as out-of-office replies, you do not need an extra rule from version 10. NoSpamProxy automatically detects if a reply was sent from a company email server and assigns it to the appropriate rule for outbound email traffic.

Email templates

The templates for automatically created emails are overwritten and must be saved beforehand. After installation, you must apply the changes you made to the old templates to the new templates again. Further information is available in the article How to change the Web Portal Design for Version 10 and How to change NoSpamProxy notifications.

Changed behavior for accepting a sender with its own domain

Up to version 9.2 it was possible to allow external senders to use their own email domain via a rule. This is no longer possible. Email servers that want to use your sender domain must now be included in the list of ” corporate email servers “.

If the server cannot be specified, it is also possible to allow each server to use a specific sender address of your domain. However, this increases the risk of fake mails and should only be used as a “last resort”.