The event viewer repeatedly displays warning 1088

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The event viewer repeatedly shows the following message:

Gateway Role 1088:
Could not secure an inbound connection with the host
Die angegebenen Daten konnten nicht entschlüsselt werden
Error type:
Error number:2147500037
Program location:

As a result, an SChannel error will appear in the Windows applications event viewer. It may look like this:
SChannel 36887:
Es wurde eine schwerwiegende Warnung vom Remoteendpunkt empfangen. Die schwerwiegende Warnung hat folgenden für das TLS-Protokoll definierten Code: 51.

Please note that ID and code may differ.


Windows 2008 R2 and later does not support older, weak cipher suites, which are considered cracked. Therefore, a TLS connection is not established if the delivering server can only process these. As a result, the above-mentioned warnings and errors are logged. The delivering server must then perform a fallback to plain text. For this it is necessary that the delivering server establishes a new connection, since the old connection, where no TLS connection could be established, must be closed.