Here you can find all versions that are required to upgrade to the current version. When upgrading, be sure to follow the installation and upgrade instructions for the respective version, as you may need to make manual changes. Also note that changes that you must make when upgrading from version 7.6 to 8.0, for example, are also required for a direct upgrade from 7.6 to 8.5.

The current version is available under Software Download.

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Since the download has been officially discontinued, but it is needed for setups up to NoSpamProxy version 13.2 you can download it here

13.1 (Schneller Kanal)
13.1 (Regulärer Kanal)
13.0 (Schneller Kanal)
13.0 (Regulärer Kanal)
12.2 (Schneller Kanal)
12.2 (Regulärer Kanal)
12.1 (Fast Channel)
12.1 (Regular Channel)

On 10.01.2019, version 12.2.19007.1316 was released. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features. The release information of previous versions can be found under current information.

Important Information

If you update from a version 12.1 or older to this new version, it is possible that the setup does not react for a prolonged period of time while the database NoSpamProxyAddressSynchronization (Intranet role) is adapted. The setup must not be aborted and must run until completed. If necessary, plan ahead for a longer update period.

New / Changed

  • Distinguish between Excel/Word 97-2003 (xls, doc) files with and without macros
  • Add a hint to the PDF header in a PDF Mail that the Acrobat reader is required to access attachments
  • One temp folder for everything by Cyren service
  • Detect OLE objects in office documents
  • Support signature validation of mails which were incorrectly serialized (lone LFs in mail, but signature expected CRLFs)
  • Support SwissSign E-Mail ID Silver certificates without country

Fixed Issues

  • Level of Trust is not updated with the correct date
  • Error “Specified padding mode is not valid for this algorithm” when building certificate chains
  • No error message if Web Portal files waiting for approval can’t be downloaded
  • Receive connector IP blocking is still enabled if protection feature is not licensed
  • Cyren reference ID is not set in message track if email is put on hold
  • Date by Level of trust domain bonuses are not updated if it is already 100 bonuses
  • S/MIME encrypted winmail.dat mail is not decrypted
  • Multiple email addresses are extracted from email header if the display name is the email address and surrounded by apostrophes
  • Error when uploading GZIP compressed XML to Web Portal: This operation is not supported
  • Public key is removed from email even if removal of signature is disabled and key harvesting is enabled
  • PGP signature verification fails when the PGP key has a non-self-signed UID
  • PGP signature is removed by ‘Remove SMIME signature’ option
  • Logging for D-Trust certificate provider is not working
  • D-Trust certificate provider info text for required action references the wrong action
  • GZIP files are not detected by content filter with wildcards

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18337.1725 (05.12.2018)

New / Changed

  • Checks for Address Pairing bonus points

Fixed Issues

  • Outlook Addin: Corporate design is not applied in Outlook Addin.
  • Email could not be signed. The specified handle is invalid.
  • Get/Set-NspPartnerAddressTrust not working correctly
  • Word/Excel/PowerPoint XML documents are not handled by the Content Filter
  • Message Tracking clean-up slows down replication of new Message Tracks
  • Trust configuration could not be saved by partner
  • Content disarm failed: Illegal characters in path
  • Domain trust entry is deleted even if it contains trusted subnets
  • Level of Trust address pairing bonus points are shown incorrect in message track
  • De-Mail address rewriting is removed from imported users if there are two automatic user imports with De-Mail address rewriting
  • ‘Illegal characters in path’ error in SMIME and PGP inbound action
  • Exception of type ‘Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Security.CertificatePasswordInvalidException’

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18315.1244 (14.11.2018)

Fixed Issues

  • Ribbon in Outlook is throwing errors on emails with certain attachments
  • Error by signing a message. Access denied. Added fail-safe when access to an RSA key container fails
  • Email could not be decrypted: Cryptographic Exception
  • Exported PGP public key can’t be published to MIT PGP Key Server
  • DNS cache invalidation not working properly with multiple entries that have a different TTL
  • AD import uses insecure connection to Active Directory
  • Intermittent Address resolving issues in Outlook Addin with auto-completed address entries
  • Outlook Addin is missing appropriate trace output to debug faulty customer configurations
  • NoSpamProxy makes two calls to Cyren CTASD per mail
  • Address pairing trust bonus is given to a wildcard entry
  • Outlook Add-In: No reply link is added after configuring a new reply link in the add-in.

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18296.1808 (26.10.2018)

Fixed Issues

  • Header still contains p7m instead of p7s after decryption
  • Gateway Role always uses the external Web Portal URL to upload files even if an internal URL is configured
  • Empty text mime parts are detected as application/octet-stream and possibly blocked/removed by the Content Filter
  • Error “Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.” when starting the Gateway Role
  • Exception of type “Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Security.CertificatePasswordInvalidException” when requesting a certificate
  • Management Console: Word Filter crashes under certain conditions
  • Memory leak in mime type detection for legacy office documents

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18281.1805 (15.10.2018)

Fixed Issues

  • Special characters in text files are broken after encryption
  • Transfer encoding is changed from base64 to quoted-printable for text attachments
  • Setup fails when updating the Intranet Role database because the SQL transaction log fills up the hard disk

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18270.1450 (01.10.2018)

New / changed

  • Overwrite ‘City’ field in certificate requests for D-Trust
  • Remove ‘City’ and ‘State’ as a required field for D-Trust Enterprise and Team certificates

Fixed issues

  • SMTP send timeout is not configurable
  • Content filter changes are not active immediately
  • Password protected Excel files (*.xlsx) are not processed by the Content Filter
  • Search for trust level in partners does not work properly
  • NullReferenceException when requesting a password reset via the Web Portal
  • Duplicate notification in case of failed CDR
  • Word filter only checks the first 4KB of the email body
  • Error when removing user fields: “The requested resource was not found.”
  • Put on Hold emails are send again by incoming emails
  • Incomplete SMTP response when a PTR record cannot be resolved
  • Mime type detection for binary files renamed to *.txt not always works correctly

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18253.1152 (14.09.2018)

New / changed

  • Updated .NET Requirement to 4.7.2
  • Improved Message Tracking database cleanup
  • Improve detection of auto generated messages in Level of Trust
  • Powershell Cmdlet Get-NspMessageTrack has now parameter for IP filtering

Fixed issues

  • No automatic cryptographic key enrolment request is generated if an inactive certificate is still valid
  • Autoencryption status for generate and save partner password is missing in Message Track
  • If an archive connector is configured without creating the folder on the Gateway Role, no mails are archived and no error message appears
  • Under certain circumstances “Antivirus scan not possible at the moment” error message appears after uploading large files to the Web Portal
  • Under certain circumstances HTML attachment is renamed to “Attached File.txt”
  • Partners view displays the same domain multiple times with different capitalization
  • Reputation filter MAIL FROM/Header-From mismatch test in absence of DMARC doesn’t check multiple From headers
  • DSN bonus is not given for simple DSN
  • Under certain circumstances an attempt to put a mail on hold failed
  • Under certain circumstances an attached PDF is not encrypted if Autoencryption is required
  • When the Gateway Role deactivates a certificate, the new state is not replicated to the Intranet Role
  • Under certain circumstances exact match filter for body in Disclaimer does not work
  • Web Portal setup: WebPortal.config cannot be accessed and could not be upgraded
  • Large files search fails when using more than one filter criteria: The parameter ‘f’ was not bound in the specified LINQ to Entities query expression.
  • Missing partner passwords are not replicated to the Web Portal
  • Email was delivered although CYREN antivirus rejected the email
  • Base64 content with empty lines in between the data can’t be decoded
  • PDF conversion failed, but mail is successfully delivered
  • Email attachment is not protected with a password if the email is auto-encrypted using S/MIME or PGP
  • Files considered too large can’t be removed by the user on the Web Portal
  • NoSpamProxy Console crashed when double clicking on an allowed language plane in filter “Allowed Unicode language planes”
  • Cyren reference ID is not set in exported Message Track
  • Word matching filter gives positive results for encrypted email
  • User names are sorted alphabetically during a manual certificate request
  • Status of Level of Trust is disabled in Message Track but is enabled in rule
  • Certificate enrolment request fails with “Bad Version of provider.”
  • dotNet could not be downloaded during Web Portal Installation
  • SwissSign product type “Silver Light” has been renamed
  • Certificate harvesting option can not be deactivated
  • Action “Extract certificates” does not work with signed/encrypted mails
  • Cannot decrypt a PGP-Inline encrypted mail
  • Outbound notification for encrypted mails uses incorrect sender address
  • Large logos are truncated in the PDF header of PDF Mails
  • Error message when closing the MMC (TaskCanceledException)
  • Many “Invalid logon attempt” messages are recorded in the Security EventLog
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding uuencode not supported for attachments
  • Column ordering of domains in DKIM keys Fails
  • Certificate request can’t be completed because the private key can’t be read
  • Web Portal upload failed: Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • Default algorithm is Aes256 instead of Aes128
  • MMC crashes when an invalid template was configured on the D-Trust certificate Provider
  • File synchronization between two Web Portals not working for files >2GB
  • Outbound emails from Office 365 are not accepted because the certificate validation fails

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18207.1238 (27.07.2018)

Fixed issues

  • Outbound emails from Office 365 are rejected with “Unable to relay”

NoSpamProxy 12.2.18157.1044 (14.06.2018)

New / changed

  • Implement efail mitigations

Fixed issues

  • Automatic user import – Generic LDAP doesn’t use search path for group search
  • Active Directory group lookup does not work: The distinguished name contains invalid Syntax
  • Email is sent multiple times if the SMTP server takes very long to respond to commands
  • Partner password can’t be changed using the Web Portal
  • Web Portal mails always using external URL if attachment is uploaded to Web Portal
  • Domaintrust is increased although it is set to statically Zero
  • Domaintrust maintenance run never finishes if DNS requests time out for some Domains
  • Performance Counter for Queues maybe incorrect after a service Restart
  • Public Suffix List caching doesn’t work for Spam URI Realtime Blocklists filter
  • RTF mails converted to PDF contain a winmail.dat attachment
  • After removing a corporate users active certificate no certificate is active
  • Cyren sandbox response for already uploaded but not yet analysed files is not processed correctly
  • Large files filter for sender/recipient and status not working correctly
  • Plain text attachment is detected as application/octet-stream
  • UTF-7 encoded mail with Base64 encoded attachment can not be decoded
  • No HTML file with download link after inline image is uploaded to Web Portal
  • Email to PDF conversion adds hint for pin to PDF even if all attachments are uploaded to the Web Portal

On 25.04.2018, version 12.2.18113.1047 was released. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

New / changed

  • Remove LAB Status from Open Keys feature
  • Omit file names in Web Portal links
  • Display hostname of the Gateway Role in Log Settings Dialog
  • Auto-disable for Troubleshooting Options
  • PSS signature support
  • Improve performance of the Partners view
  • Improve replication of partner Settings
  • Track failures of AV scans on Web Portal
  • Force PSS signature if EDI@Energy compliance is enabled
  • Force PSS signature if a PSS certificate is used
  • Improved error visualizatin when the encryption of a PDF document Fails
  • Improved error handling when the Office to PDF conversion runs into a timeout
  • Added support for TNEF (aka winmail.dat)
  • The connection to the Azure TCP Proxy now uses port 443 instead of 25

Fixed issues

  • No file name validation in “Convert mail to PDF document” Action
  • Message Track status is “Partially succeeded” instead of “Mail loop” and recipient status is “Unknown” instead of “Duplicate” if a mail is rejected because of a mail loop
  • No outbound message track for autoresponder mail
  • No outbound message track for mail waiting for an encryption key notification
  • No outbound message track for mail size exceeded notification
  • Stop words do not prevent Level of Trust Bonus
  • An unexpected error occurred when signing a message with ECDSA
  • Fixed an issue which caused the ‘Strict single rule’ not to work
  • No message track is created for mails which are larger than allowed by the Administrator
  • After importing a certificate, a partner entry is not automatically created
  • Fixed an issue where a certificate can not be loaded from the database
  • Files where the extension was changed to .txt are not properly handled by the Content Filters.
  • Multiple parallel certificate enrollment requests are rejected by GlobalSign
  • Unicode Emojis are converted to ?? in mails where the disclaimer is added
  • When loading a message track from disk, details from the installation the MMC is connected to might be mixed in
  • When clicking on the link “Discover DNS settings” on the properties of a Gateway Role, an error is displayed
  • An inbound mail is accepted if the inbound send connector can’t be resolved and the delivery fails afterwards
  • The Cyren service is not automatically started after the Web Portal is upgraded