This article provides an overview of the versions currently covered by our support as well as information on general software requirements.

Please understand that in order to be eligible for support, you must have a contract in place.

General Requirements

It is not possible to operate NoSpamProxy in combination with Microsoft Exchange on a domain controller.

NoSpamProxy can be installed on a regular server in parallel with Exchange. However, this combination is not recommended, since duplicate port assignments often result in problems:

  • Port 6060/6061 TCP (internal communication between the roles of NoSpamProxy)
  • Port 25 (also used by Exchange)
  • Port 443 (required for the Web Portal but can be modified)


  • Version 13
  • Version 12.2
  • Version 12.1
  • Version 12.0
  • Version 11.1

NoSpamProxy Outlook Add-in

  • Outlook 2010 and later
  • Outlook 2007 (supported until June 30, 2019)

Microsoft Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / R2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (no longer supported as of version 13.1)

Microsoft .NET Framework

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2, mandatory as of NoSpamProxy 12.2
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2, supported up to version 12.1
  • .NET Framework 4.5.7, supported up to version 11.1

Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 incl. Express Version
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 incl. Express Version
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 incl. Express Version
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 incl. Express version (no longer supported as of version 13.1)

Microsoft Report Viewer

For the installation of the Intranet Role the following tools are required:

  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office

For the installation of the Outlook Add-In the following tools are required:

  • Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 Runtime or later

Here you can find all versions that are required to upgrade to the current version. When upgrading, be sure to follow the installation and upgrade instructions for the respective version, as you may need to make manual changes. Also note that changes that you must make when upgrading from version 7.6 to 8.0, for example, are also required for a direct upgrade from 7.6 to 8.5.

The current version is available under Software Download.

12.2 (Fast Channel)

12.1 (Fast Channel)

12.1 (Regular Channel)








PDF conversion as part of Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), converts Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF documents into secure PDF files by removing any active content. The PDF file can then be opened without any concerns, with the original file either left attached to the email or removed. CDR is a feature in NoSpamProxy Protection and in conjunction with NoSpamProxy Large Files provides an optimal way to disarm unsafe documents and retain the original files.

CDR is configured in the “Content filter actions” and then applied to the corresponding emails via the “Content filters”. A training video on the content filters can be found at (German only).

This conversion process is very time-consuming and not all documents can be converted. We have built in a protection mechanism so that the unsafe attachments are not delivered, even if the conversion fails.

  • If only Protection, but not Large Files, is licensed, the email for which the conversion did not work is first stored under “Monitoring > Emails on hold” and the configured administrator is informed. The administrator then has the task of checking the email and can then either download it as an EML file and forward it via Outlook or deactivate/change the content filter for this email for a limited time and force delivery again.
  • If Protection and Large Files are licensed, the original file will be uploaded to the Web Portal if the conversion fails (if desired even if the conversion was successful), but it will be locked there, so that it must also be released by the administrator, deviating from the settings for the successful conversion. The prerequisite for this is the setting “Upload the original document to the Web Portal” in the Content Filter action.
    The email itself is delivered to the recipient, with the corresponding information for downloading, but without the converted PDF file, as this was not possible.

This protective mechanism cannot be changed or influenced.


Since the conversion component is provided by a third-party provider, we have only very limited influence on it. If the conversion cannot be performed to your satisfaction, please send us the file to be converted, if possible. Make sure that the file does not contain any personal data. We will then make this file available to the third party provider for analysis. We would like to point out that a feedback on our part is not possible, as the adaptation process can be very lengthy.


On 15.11.2017, version 12.1.17318.5 was released. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

New / changed

  • PowerShell Cmdlet Get-NspMessageTracks now directly displays mail addresses
  • New Cmdlets Get-NspMessageTrackingAction, Get-NspMessageTrackingFilter, Get-NspMessageTrackingActivity, Get-NspMessageTrackingAttachment
  • Added WMF (Windows Meta File) to list of recognized file types for the content filtering
  • The PGP Encryption module now lists all modern encryption and signature algorithms in an encrypted mail.
  • Improved replication for Messagetracking, improved replication of hashtrust values
  • Improved Message Tracking Speed
  • The “Hide internal topology” action now also removed the Originating-IP header.
  • Added new LAB feature: Sandbox
  • Added new LAB feature: OpenKeys
  • Update EVOPDF Excel to PDF library
  • Changed the default search in the Message Tracking. Searching for addresses is now an “exact” search by default, which is much faster. The old-school “Contains” search is still available.
  • Introduced Regular and Fast Update Channel
  • Office 365 integration now supports the German Azure Cloud.
  • Updated the Cyren IP Reputation service to the latest Version
  • Message Tracks: Recipients can now be sorted by the first recipient

Fixed issues

  • PDF document cannot be disarmed because of “Invalid PNG data” error
  • No entry appear in the Large Files node when attachments are uploaded
  • Fixed an issue with mails when CDR and PDF encryption are combined
  • Automatic user import crashes when user names are longer than 200 characters
  • Cyren Action and Filter is incorrectly added to the default rules when the license does not permit this.
  • Attachments of inbound mails are uploaded to web portal by content filter but the web portal refuses the attachment
  • An Excel document is not converted to PDF under certain circumstances
  • A validation exception occurs when validating or encrypting using PGP
  • An unexpected error occured while cleaning up expired files on the Web Portal.
  • Error message “There is no mail fork to sign.”
  • CSA Whitelist action is not marking all relevant mails as trusted
  • The error “Unexpected character. SBPDFCore.EElPDFParseError” occurs
  • Disarm Pdf files does not work on the Web Portal
  • No NDR if no send connector is defined
  • Certificate validity saved as local time
  • Fixed issue with EDI@Energy Validation
  • Fixed an issue with large file download links when multiple NoSpamProxy installation are chained
  • Fixed issue with automatic PGP key Import
  • Fixed an issue where a mail would not be signed
  • Fixed Replication of Level of Trust data
  • Fixed issue with DNS lookup
  • Fixed an DNSSEC issue
  • Fixed an issue where files got stuck in Mails on Hold with nested ZIP files
  • Fixed an issue with Office file type detection
  • Disclaimer: Filtering in body or subject does not always work
  • Fixed issue validating a certificate when the root certificate is downloaded by Windows
  • Upload hint is not added to an inbound mail
  • Upload hint is added multiple times to an inbound mail
  • Multiple ZIP attachments are incorrectly procesesed differently.
  • NoSpamProxy is now more resilient to erratic system time changes
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate jobs in message tracking
  • Fixed issue with large files originiating from another Service
  • Sql setup is now more resilient
  • No sender and receiver information available when using reply link
  • Changed host address for Azure SMTP Tunnel
  • Bug Content disarm error for zip file with gzip content type Header
  • Zero-length files are not correctly handled by the Content Disarm System
  • The license report displays incorrect data
  • The object of type “Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Net.Smtp.Mail” cannot be cast to “Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Net.Smtp.BinaryMimePart”
  • Mails on hold are not correctly processed after the Gateway Role Restarts
  • The disclaimer is not added to the expected position in a mail
  • If a scheduled AV scan failed, no new schedule is created.
  • Fixed encoding for TeletexStrings in ASN1 structures
  • No recipient in notification mail
  • Improved connection handling with the Redis Cache
  • Selecting a content filter on Text File User Imports has no effect
  • Error “Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool” occurs under heavy stress
  • Internal web portal URL is not rewritten if file was uploaded using the Outlook addin
  • After restart a default content filter entry was deleted
  • Fixed permissions for Cyren IP reputation service files in installer
  • Fixed an issue where the Public Suffix List cannot be downloaded by the DMARC filter
  • Processing of a mail on hold failed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Fixed problem with quoted values in DKIM Header
  • PgpSignatureValidation message track activity deserialization bugfix
  • Message track delivery status not updated
  • An unexpected error occured while sending a mail. Cannot access a disposed object.
  • An SPF macro is not expanded correctly
  • After Update: A stored mail which was put on hold could not be read from the disk.
  • MMC does not work well with high DPI Monitors
  • Fixed an issue in D-Trust Provider
  • An unexpected error occured while sending a mail. The sent attempt will be retried later. Error: The connection is already closed.
  • Zip file can’t be uploaded to web portal under certain circumstances.
  • Conversion failed when converting character string to smalldatetime data type.
  • Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.@DeMailUpdates’
  • The SqlParameter is already contained by another SqlParameterCollection.
  • Fixed Messagetracking pipeline in PowerShell
  • SwissSign certificate provider: Cannot revoke a certificate
  • Missing activities in message track
  • Strict single rule does not work correctly
  • Recipient gets lost in Auto Reply Mail
  • The MMC crashes when the Server does not report a valid name for the Gateway Role
  • Intranet and Gateway Role restart fails after adding CM Telecom SMS Provider
  • Fixed an unexpected error which occured while handling a request on controller Upload, action (null).
  • The synchronization process with other Web Portals failed unexpectedly.

On 29.11.2017, version 12.1.17328.3 was released. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

New / changed

  • Added support for extended parameter value notation in mail and mime part headers
  • Disclaimer positioning for mails sent from Android 7, iOS 11 and Spark for iOS
  • DKIM validation for multiple equivalent headers
  • Error message for content disarm on password protected PDFs
  • Handling of connection timeouts and ObjectDisposedExceptions during SMTP sessions
  • Message tracking cleanup

Fixed issues

  • Access to several nodes for user with configuration permission only
  • Credentials dialog incorrectly shown on summary view for user with monitoring permission only
  • Crash of Web Portal because of an invalid language tag
  • Possible NullReferenceException during domain trust maintenance process
  • Recipient count for Reports
  • Unexpected error while signing a message (Signature algorithm ‘Sha256’ is not supported)
  • Sender domain for DKIM signature is now used case insensitive
  • Smarthost error message is now relayed to the sender

Version 12.1.17356.1 was released on 9.01.2018. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

Fixed issues

  • Level of Trust data could not be updated: Key already exists
  • Mails that are put on hold are not archived by the archive connectors
  • No outbound message track for autoresponder mail
  • No outbound message track for mail waiting for an encryption key notification
  • No outbound message track for mail size exceeded notification
  • Stop words do not prevent Level of Trust Bonus
  • Failed to scan a file for malware. Error: The requested file could not be decrypted
  • Adding Disclaimer images with filenames longer than 50 characters Fails
  • Error validating email signatures if certificate is not attached
  • System.Data.Entity.Core.UpdateException. String or binary data would be truncated.
  • Inconsistent display of TLS information in Message Tracking if TLS is disabled on the receive connector
  • Partners view reset parameters button does not reset the trust level Parameter
  • An error occurred while running the Domaintrust maintenance process
  • An unexpected error occurred during a connection: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Errors when contacting the Gateway Role are displayed incorrectly

Version 12.1.18045.1 was released on 16.02.2018. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

Fixed issues

  • Gateway Role update fails if no Level of Trust stop words or subject prefixes are configured
  • Mail is not S/MIME signed if the partner has both a public certificate and a PGP public key and the corporate user only has a certificate
  • Duplicate mail detection is not reset after the configured time
  • Partners without Level of Trust data are displayed as fixed trust in Partners view
  • File based virus scanner action rejects mails temporarily if an infected attachment is removed
  • More logging for AD user Import
  • Fix Web Portal security not working with password containing colon (:)
  • Wrong crypto provider selection in case of two available GlobalSign accounts
  • Mimepart header with Cp1252 charset can’t be parsed
  • Paging in Quarantined Certificates is not working
  • Message Tracking can not be disabled
  • Sending a mail from a sender address with a long domain and short local part causes Message Track replication error
  • The De-Mail From header is not set.
  • Base64 encoded content with forced line breaks containing exclamation points (!) can not be decoded
  • Smime action validation failed with n/a message and stacktrace
  • Multiline RFC 2231 encoded header parameter values can not be parsed
  • Level of Trust maintenance not running on the Gateway Role
  • Level of Trust maintenance timeout for large amount of data

On 5.4.2018, version 12.1.18087.4 was released. It is an update release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

Fixed issues

  • Sending a mail from a sender address with a long domain and short local part causes Message Track replication error
  • Disclaimer not positioned after reply in Outlook 2013 mail
  • Outbound mail is sent without transport encryption if it is required for the partner and the partners SMTP server doesn’t support TLS
  • “Unnamed attachment” in content filter error message for nested mails
  • Delay while entering email addresses in Outlook if the Add-In is active on remote Laptops
  • Timeout during SMTP connections is not honored and connections are kept alive forever
  • Recipients that do not match the rule of the first recipient are rejected permanently instead of temporarily
  • Content filter for corporate user for Web Portal mails not working
  • Mail is not PGP signed if the local user has SMIME certificate and PGP key and the partner only has PGP key
  • No notification of configuration error if TLS is required for partner but disabled in outbound connector
  • Mail is kept in the delivery queue if the partner requires TLS but the partners SMTP server doesn’t support TLS
  • Intranet Role is restarting continuously if Certificates in a restored database are password-protected
  • Message Track Information text is wrong if TLS is required but disabled on the remote SMTP Server
  • Update D-Trust certificate enrollment provider to use the updated products
  • Outlook Addin cannot connect to server with TLS 1.0 disabled
  • Timeout handling still insufficient during SMTP connections