Here you can find all versions that are required to upgrade to the current version. When upgrading, be sure to follow the installation and upgrade instructions for the respective version, as you may need to make manual changes. Also note that changes that you must make when upgrading from version 7.6 to 8.0, for example, are also required for a direct upgrade from 7.6 to 8.5.

The current version is available under Software Download.

Microsoft Report Viewer

Since the download has been officially discontinued, but it is needed for setups up to NoSpamProxy version 13.2 you can download it here

13.1 (Schneller Kanal)
13.1 (Regulärer Kanal)
13.0 (Schneller Kanal)
13.0 (Regulärer Kanal)
12.2 (Schneller Kanal)
12.2 (Regulärer Kanal)
12.1 (Fast Channel)
12.1 (Regular Channel)

Version 11.0.366 was released on 15.7.2016. It is a maintenance release, which fixes the following bugs:

Fixed issues

  • Error synchronizing with Active Directory
  • If only NoSpamProxy Encryption is licensed, the “Theme” section below the Presettings node will not appear.
  • Error “Failed to save Domaintrust entries to the database” after update to NoSpamProxy 11.0.304, if SQL 2005 exists
  • Error message when attaching a verification report for encrypted and signed emails
  • The default encryption is now set to AES128.
  • Problem with notifications for shared email attachments
  • Error “The stress level of the system currently is critical” after update to NoSpamProxy 11.0.304
  • The Inspection Report is not displayed in the Outlook Add In.
  • Content filtering does not work when replying via Web Portal
  • Error “A stored mail which was put on hold could not be read from the disk”
  • Presentation problem in the PDF document when a custom logo is used in the theme.
  • Attachments that are sent via the Web Portal cannot be downloaded.
  • The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, always follow the general update instructions if you have configured a proxy server.

Version 11.0.379 was released on 11.8.2016. It is a maintenance release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

New / changed

  • The SURBL filter can now also be used for outbound emails.
  • Improved pipelining in Powershell cmdlets
  • MD5 signature for S/MIME disabled

Fixed issues

  • NullReferenceException when processing a specific email
  • ArgumentNullException when processing a specific email
  • Auto-encrypt email is not converted to PDF and encrypted
  • Suspended email due to an illegal character
  • Zip file is unusable when sent via Web Portal
  • Installation with SQL Server 2005 fails
  • The report of an email does not state that the email was securely transmitted via the Web Portal.
  • Content filtering settings for new domain are not saved
  • Large Files: Internal link is not used
  • Disclaimer does not always apply the user-defined fields
  • Files are transferred via Large Files, although no content filter is defined.
  • Repeated sending of paused emails causes problems
  • PGP-encrypted attachments <65kbyte are removed from the email when decrypted
  • Filtering in the certificate selection dialog for SwissSign does not work.
  • UI crash at De-Mail Owned Domain association
  • NullReferenceException for certificate validation
  • Files that require Administrative Sharing cannot be downloaded from the MMC by the administrator

The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, always follow the general update instructions if you have configured a proxy server.

Version 11.0.422 was released on 23.9.2016. It is a maintenance release that fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

New / changed

  • If TLS security is required for a partner and delivery is done via a smarthost, the mail is returned to the sender with an NDR. Previously, the mail stayed in the queue until it expired.
  • Routing logic
  • The SwissSign provider does now support Umlaute.
  • Unclear message „The SSPI negotiation failed“. Now, several different messages are displayed, depending on cause of the issue.
  • Massively improved the performance of the Level of trust Subsystem
  • Filename handling of decrypted PGP plaintext files
  • Timeout handling when sending and receiving mails

Fixed issues

  • Incorrect encoding used on PGP encrypted mails
  • Error „Failed to get the size of the dispatch job“
  • Administrative addresses were not replicated correctly
  • Mails with a duplicate boundary were incorrectly processed.
  • Inspection report does not state when a mail is received via the Web Portal
  • Disclaimer. you cannot add the } sign in Html view
  • Disclaimer. The editor panel disappears
  • Conditions on a disclaimer rule could not be deleted.
  • An unexpected error occured. Error: Could not find a part of the path
  • Messagetrack data were not correctly processed
  • Disclaimer. Cannot not use an @ character in the template
  • Concurrency exception during Active Directory user Import
  • Error message „An item with the same key has already been added.“
  • Dialog „Server performance“ could not be opened.
  • Error „Input string was not in a correct format.“ when sending a mail
  • Performance problem with SURBL filter
  • „The parameter value cannot be null. Parametername: uriString.“ in Outlook add in
  • Error message „Object reference not set to an instance of an object.“
  • Error message „Could not find a part of the path ‚C:ProgramDataNet at Work Mail GatewayTemporary FilesMailQueues“
  • While trying to cleanup empty queue directories, the an error occured
  • Link for Web portal download is wrong
  • Target host is not displayed in message tracking details.
  • TLS switches to „Encryption required“
  • Error message „Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.“
  • Error message: „There are no records in the SqlDataRecord enumeration“
  • Word filter does not find matches containing a full stop.
  • Mails on hold view does not show all entries
  • Mail is sent unencrypted even if encryption is required.
  • Empty queues are displayed in the queue Viewer
  • High cpu usage may occur on a Gateway Role
  • Empty queues are not removed
  • Error message „The operation was canceled. While not all actions and filters could be executed“
  • Using auto enrollment with a D-Trust setup causes multiple requests for a single mail address
  • Using mail enabled Exchange Public Folders in conjunction with groups do not work as expected
  • Message „Could not upload a file to the Web Portal on https://server/enQsig/api/upload/file: Unknown. {„files“:[{„error“:““}]}
  • Internal address in ‚From‘ header filter does not work correctly
  • The size of the NoSpamProxy eventlog is reset during each update
  • Not all queues are displayed
  • Performance problems with many certificates (>1000) in the store.
  • PGP decryption configuration switches were not honored.
  • Reply links with a very long subject do not work.
  • Exception when trying to copy data to the clipboard in the NoSpamProxy MMC
  • DKIM signature is not applied to NDRs or other DSNs without a sender.
  • Set-NspPartnerTlsDetail cmdlet does not expose any parameters

The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, be sure to follow the general upgrade instructions if you have configured a proxy server.