Export Static Domain Trust Positions

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This article describes how to export the static trust settings.

To extract the static entries from the trust positions, proceed as follows:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio (Express) to manage your Mail Gateway database.
  2. Connect to the database server on which the “NoSpamProxyDB” database is located.
  3. Create a new SQL query for the NoSpamProxyDB by clicking “New query”.
  4. Insert this query into the query / query editor:

USE NoSpamProxyDB;
SELECT Domain, Gravity, LevelOfTrust
FROM DomainTrustEntry
WHERE (Gravity = 0);

Perform the query by clicking on the red exclamation mark.

This query lists all static entries in the domain trust. If you need a program to import into version 7.6, or if you have problems executing these commands, please contact our support team. With this query you can avoid the use of our “Mail Gateway API-Sample” for reading domain trusts.

Please also consider that the static domain trust settings for known email providers are automatically entered by the setup during a new installation.