Setting user permissions for NoSpamProxy databases

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It is common that not only the user who originally performed the installation needs to perform updates, but also other administrator accounts. To do this, it is necessary to set up the appropriate permissions for these additional users. The corresponding steps are described below:

  1. Notes
      • All steps apply to all roles of NoSpamProxy; they differ only in the database names.
        • Database Intranet Role: NoSpamProxyAddressSynchronization
        • Database Gateway Role: NoSpamProxyDB
        • Database Web Portal: enQsigPortal
      • Users and user groups (local or in the domain) can be registered.
    • Log on with the user with which the installation was performed.
  2. Install the SQL Management Studio.
  3. Open SQL Management Studio and log on to the local instance  that contains the NoSpamProxy database(s), using Windows authentication.
  4. Expand the Security folder and the Logins folder.
  5. Right-click on the “Logins” folder and select “New Login” from the context menu.
  6. Under “General”, select the user to be added, but keep the “Windows Authentication” item.
    Database Rights - General
  7. Under “Server Roles” tick the checkbox for “sysadmin”.
    Database Rights - Server Roles
  8. Under “User Mapping”, check the corresponding database and additionally activate the role “db_owner”.
    Database Rights - User Mapping
  9. All other settings are optional.
  10. Save the new login and close SQL Management Studio.

To verify access, log on to the system with the added user, open SQL Management Studio, and check whether you can view the database tables. If this works, access is set up.