Setting concurrent inbound connections

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This article describes how to manually set the number of concurrent connections. Since version 7.0, NoSpamProxy determines this number dynamically by itself. The basis for the decision is the CPU and memory usage. To prevent this behavior, proceed as follows:

First stop the Gateway Role. The corresponding setting is made in the “Gateway Role.config”. This file can be found in “C:\ProgramData\Net at Work Mail Gateway\Configuration\” on the respective Gateway Role.

Look for the line beginning with the following characters:


Insert the following value directly below:
<connectionLimits hardUpperConnectionLimit="" minimumNumberOfConcurrentSessions="" />

If the values are not specified as in this example, the dynamic limit applies (depending on the CPU utilisation).

The values are both integer values.

The value hardUpperConnectionLimit setermines the maximum number of connections.
The value minimumNumberOfConcurrentSessions determines the maximum number of concurrent connections.

<connectionLimits hardUpperConnectionLimit="100" minimumNumberOfConcurrentSessions="50" />

Finally, save the configuration file and restart the Gateway Role.