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Version 11.0.379 was released on 11.8.2016. It is a maintenance release which fixes the following bugs and introduces new features:

New / changed

  • The SURBL filter can now also be used for outbound emails.
  • Improved pipelining in Powershell cmdlets
  • MD5 signature for S/MIME disabled

Fixed issues

  • NullReferenceException when processing a specific email
  • ArgumentNullException when processing a specific email
  • Auto-encrypt email is not converted to PDF and encrypted
  • Suspended email due to an illegal character
  • Zip file is unusable when sent via Web Portal
  • Installation with SQL Server 2005 fails
  • The report of an email does not state that the email was securely transmitted via the Web Portal.
  • Content filtering settings for new domain are not saved
  • Large Files: Internal link is not used
  • Disclaimer does not always apply the user-defined fields
  • Files are transferred via Large Files, although no content filter is defined.
  • Repeated sending of paused emails causes problems
  • PGP-encrypted attachments <65kbyte are removed from the email when decrypted
  • Filtering in the certificate selection dialog for SwissSign does not work.
  • UI crash at De-Mail Owned Domain association
  • NullReferenceException for certificate validation
  • Files that require Administrative Sharing cannot be downloaded from the MMC by the administrator

The version can simply be installed over the existing version. However, always follow the general update instructions if you have configured a proxy server.